Black Bat

3 days in Barcelona/Sitges

5 Apr 2017

warning photos taken on iPhone, warning they are not good, warning im sorry :)

1st day,
Waking up at 5am is just not my thing so I gave myself a four minute snooze and woke up at 5:04am ;) (rebel), also ran around the house packing some last minute stuff which was great. blah blah, so we arrived in Barcaaa, where it was raining but then obviously cleared up and was sunny because well I was there :) Had a little tour, visited La Sagrada de familia, and saw a realllyyy nice view of Barcelona. We arrived at our Hotel in Sitges where I ended up passing out and slept at 9pm :) 

2nd day,
This was the day we started to gather data for Geography coursework, we ended up going back to Barcelona to conduct surveys of area. This day was targeted for those who would like to write about the human side of Geography. We went to 4 different areas along the El Raval in order to investigate the regeneration/rebranding of Barcelona after the Olympic games. It was so nice to not only see the ‘good’ or ‘rich’ side of Barcelona. We got to see the social inequalities and division present in Barcelona, especially when we were forced to put away our clipboards (how studious and geography like) and our phones away as we visited a area where there were prostitutes on the side walks. A road less than one minute from the street was based a 5* hotel which is so inconsiderate that there were  protests from local residents that the hotel should be relocated. Personally it seems dehumanising that a 5* hotel was located in an area where there are literally prostitutes down the road and flats were overcrowded and falling apart!

3rd day,
Probably my favourite as this day was targeted for those who would like to write about the physical side of Geography. We travelled to 2 different sand dunes, one was managed via human impact and the other was unmanaged. We took data from several points on the sand dunes and, yes we did actually take soil samples and looked at number of different species ect :))) very fun. Let me not get write a lot before I get judged We arrived back to the hotel and then went to the beach for 2 hours. (I got sun burnt :)) 

blah blah I packed my stuff again to leave Sitges, so I don’t really count the 4th day as a proper day.

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  1. aww so nice the days you spend in my country! hope you had learned a lot of that city! And so great you stayed in Sitges, I went last year for the first time and it was very interesting! Maybe next year I will move to a city next this town ^^

    I didn't know much about the problem about this hotel on Barcelona (I guess which one you refer), but I always had heard about the problems of the prostitutes on the market of La Boqueria, I think it's always a war between the tourism and the city! Because there are also a lot of problems with touristical flats, with "top manta" (immigrants who sell ilegal / copied things as cd's, sneakers, bags... in a blanket at th street)... but is all for the tourism, and also the politicians are interested to have tourist because here comes the money for the city...


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