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the ‘real’ London

25 Mar 2017

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I love these pictures so much, the fact that they are not typically what you imagine as ‘good’ photos, makes me love them even more, plus it was my sisters and I first time using film. From a tourists point of view you never associate London with anything but the London Eye and Buckingham Palace, but it’s more than that :) #councilflats 

Most of these photos are taken from Elephant and Castle (endssss) and hopefully make you want to see the ‘real’ London. 



  1. Love the photos so much better than typical ' pretty' photos. Camera looks awesome!

  2. love love loveeee these pictures!

    Edie x

  3. These are sooo cool, luv them x

  4. my dad got his old canon film camera shipped over but I never know when to actually use it. boii I did a similar post a few days ago- people need to realise that london is not all house of parliament and london eye...


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