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the ‘real’ London

25 Mar 2017

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I love these pictures so much, the fact that they are not typically what you imagine as ‘good’ photos, makes me love them even more, plus it was my sisters and I first time using film. From a tourists point of view you never associate London with anything but the London Eye and Buckingham Palace, but it’s more than that :) #councilflats 

Most of these photos are taken from Elephant and Castle (endssss) and hopefully make you want to see the ‘real’ London. 


organisation or whatever?

17 Mar 2017


I have my big lever arch folder that I take into school every day, which contain all the recent notes from class. Some days I have 3 teachers, so it saves me from having to carry 3 sets of folders, but instead I will have around 3 lessons of notes from that class. At home, however, I keep separate binders for that class that contain everything, beside what I take in my big folder. (Does this even make any sense?!)

1st folder: 3 of the newest class notes/new topic.
other folders: all of notes, homework's and handouts since September.

Because I am a monster I broke my hole puncher. PRO tip, always bring a hole-puncher. You leave your folder at home, meh it doesn't matter. You leave your hole-puncher at home, your dead. Just try not to leave both at home basically. So I carry a plastic envelope wallet which saves my life, in one I put my notes from class, or leaflets, literally any spare pieces of paper, then when I get home, (well, sometimes I’m lazy and they end up being in the envelope for a week) I file my notes into my big folder.

There is always the big debate on bringing a laptop to school. I have finally come to the conclusion, despite deceiving myself for months, that typing work on my laptop does NOTHING for me. Whether it is an essay, notes, homework ect. During one geography lesson, I whipped out my laptop feeling all productive and what not. I wrote some notes, and if I do say so myself they were quite cute, I did spend around 20 minutes trying to make a mind map. Besides the point, I forgot about those notes and 2 months later I realise there is a gap of notes in my folder, I scavenge for those notes from that lesson on my laptop and hey are nowhere to be found. Moral of the story, don’t be lazy, just write out the notes :)

Importance of a locker. I was being stingy for 5 months, every time I asked Dalal for her locker key, she would hand over the key and ask ‘why don’t you just get your own’, I would claim over and over again that ‘I won’t need one. The school is rich enough that I won’t give them £5’ If that isn’t petty, I don't know what it. anyways 6 months later I have a locker key and the school is richer by £5
Insert Shabby work folder :))))