Black Bat

Music Favourites February

17 Feb 2017

Just a quick post on my music favourites. Very very random but please listen to at least one song!! My favourite artists this month have got to be Tove Lo and Sade!!

- Diana Ross, Missing you
- Tove Lo, Lies in the dark
- Tove Lo, Cool girl
- Ansel Elgort, Thief
- Sade, Smooth Operator
- Sade, Sweetest Taboo
- Work, Rihanna

3 new favourites

15 Feb 2017

Aesop - B & Tea Balancing Toner
I do love this toner, it really does remove all the grime and oil from your face, even after cleansing. I would recommend this to everyone, but at the end of the day any toner does the job. For £23, is it really worth it? Don’t get me wrong, it is really good. but so are others. I have the Clean & Clear blackhead clearing cleanser (which is technically a toner), yet it is roughly £3, and pretty much does the same job! The Aesop toner is alcohol free, which is always a plus, whereas the Clean & Clear toner’s 2nd main ingredient is alcohol. dun dun dun, competition. At the end of the day, it depends on what you want to put in your skin! 

Aesop - Fabulous Face Cleanser:
This makes it seem like I’m sponsored by Aesop, I’m not (hint hint ;)) But really, I do love their products. Plus their packaging is very cute and ‘organised’. This cleanser apparently ‘effectively cleanses without disturbing the skin's natural tonal balance.’ This does sound about alright. It is pretty average but it has been the only cleanser I have been using during Mid January - February. Whilst this cleanser does not prevent any breakouts (or ‘remove them’), it cleanses my skin really well. My spots are hormonal and due to stress so no cleanser, so far, has removed my spots but hey :) 

Penhaligon - Empressa 
I’m so excited to write about this perfume, it is probably the best perfume I’ve ever had. Okay I’m lying, this perfume is not even mine, it’s my sisters. but what is hers is mine :) This perfume is sweet without smelling ‘cheap’, it is ‘luxury’ fragrance that literally lasts so long! I suggest at least get a sample of this and you’ll realise why I love it so much.

-Ambra! <3

18 tmi tag

14 Feb 2017

I’ve cut the ’tmi tag' short because I had to hover the notepad in front of my fireplace whilst also taking a picture. trust me, it’s more harder than it sounds. I also realised that people either can’t read my handwriting, or the pictures are just terrible. To be safe I wrote my answers below ;)


1: What are you wearing?
A tatty hoodie and leggings :))

2: Ever been in love?
lol nah 

3: Ever had a terrible breakup?
lol nah 

4: How tall are you?

5: How much do you weigh?
okay a bit too personal 

6: Any tattoos?
No, but I do want some, although I am very very indecisive so I would probably hate the tattoo after a month. 

7: Any piercings?

6! 2 lobe piercing on my left ear, 4 on my right ear (2 lobe, 1 cartilage, 1 forward helix) read more ;) 

8: OTP?
probably the toughest question, I can't pick. Damon + Elena, Caroline + Klaus and Juliette + Warner! 

9: Favourites show?
Ooo once again indecisive. Either The vampire diaries, game of thrones, Teen wolf, River Dale, Missing 9?! 

10: Favourite bands?
not that into bands

11: Something you miss? .
ooo Ice cream in Rome 

12: Favourite song?
honestly I get so sick of a song after some time but currently I like ‘lies in the dark’ by Tove Lo. very good (so far)

13: How old are you?

14: Zodiac sign?

15: Quality you look for in a partner?
Honesty! I really really hate it when people lie, especially about the smallest things. 

16: Favourite Quote?
‘hell is empty and all the devils are here’ 

17: Favourite actor?
now that I think of it I don’t have one. 

18: Favourite colour?
grey, or yellow