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Favourite moisturisers

8 Dec 2016

I was about to write that my skin gets dry in the winter time, but my skin is a l w a y s dry so :) 

Favourite Winter Moisturisers: 
Hydraskin Essential, Darphin Paris , I mean this is one of my favourite moisturisers ever! Now I don’t want to say it is sticky, because it really isn’t it but like just a bit (in a good way)?! It acts like a base for your makeup (?!) When I used to apply bronzer without moisturiser, it wouldn't really ‘stick’ to anything, but this moisturiser is da bomb. Now I actually understand the important of a base.

Vitamin C Skin Reviver, The Body Shop, you know them products that you tried once and hated it? THIS IS LIKE THAT. I randomly just applied it on top of my moisturiser and boi was I surprised. I honestly don’t thing it does any thing significant to my face but it just adds moisture and a slight glow. PLUs it makes your skin super soft 

- Illuminating Moisture Balm, Bobbi Brown, okay I can never stop loving/raving about Bobbi Brown, I got this tester for a moisturiser and it is so so so so good. I like to just focus it underneath my eyes to hydrate them
-Ambraaaaa 🌹


  1. Amazing!

  2. I've never tried any of these products but I love the Clinique moisture surge cream and the hydrating face mask!


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