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Favourite Autumn lipsticks

6 Dec 2016

During December I’ll be doing posts that relate to Winter/Christmas/December in general. Seeing as winter is all about dark lips, dark clothes, dark everythang I might as well start of withhh

This lip stain is great as it is a dark cherry/berry colour stain that is perfect for for winter, even when you keep your face minimal you can literally apply a dark lip and instantly look ready for winter. I like to apply this in sheer layers especially in the inner part of my lips so that it isn’t harsh and opaque. tbh I like my lip stain quite patchy
Mac Matte Lipstick, SIN
The absolute favourite dark lip among youtubers/bloggers or at least I think so. There is really nothing to say as this is just a cherry/berry/dark lip.

Body Shop Colour Crush, 101 Red Siren
You can’t go wrong with a red lip for Christmas, so a really good dupe for Russian Red from Mac is honestly any Maybelinne red as both are signature reds. However I have the Body Shop Colour Crush in 101 Red Siren. It is really nice especially if you have fuller lips.

[boi the picture was looking a bit rank so I deleted it tho, but just imagine a lipstick that is red? (well obvs)]



  1. That lip/cheek tint looks really cool, I also prefer my lips to look quite patchy and sheer


  2. These look amazing! I look so strange with any lip color on and I've pretty much used the same blush occasionally my whole life haha

    Edie x

    1. I guess lipsticks are a hate or love thing!


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