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current fav makeup brushes + how to clean brushes 2.0

10 Dec 2016

Christmas is round the corner and maybe it is just me but I like to experiment with makeup looks for Christmas so 1) my makeup brushes get dirty and well that’s it really :) So ya I have my current favourite makeup brushes and how to clean them s o o o

Powder Foundation Brush, Eve Lom - 
Now I know this makeup brush is specifically for powder foundation but like I just use it to blend my concealer especially on my forehead (to cover up the streSS spots) and well it gets the job done so 

I have this semi angled blush/bronzer brush which is generally good. Slight problem I can’t seem to figure out what number brush it is so so so I just linked the page for face brushes from Mac :) idk it just seems to blend bronzer really well 

I use this brush for my cream highlight and it is amazing. Especially whilst using the Benefit Watts Up Highlighter, the actual brush on the highlighter does not work well. at all :) so this is very good 

Tooth Brush, anywhere duh
clean one obviously. It is just to shape and ‘fix’ your eyebrows, honestly I don't even know what to say :) 

as you all know I do not like eyeliner. absolutely hate it. s o o I don’t use this for eyeliner. so bc the brush is so small (HINT THE NAME DUH UH) it works as a great smudge brush for your lower lash line without the ‘smudge’ going crazy and out of hand. 

How to wash ya makeup brushes 
okay I tricked you with the 2.0. if u have been reading my blog for a long time I done a post about washing my makeup brushes and I am literally repeating this post with the exact same products. sorry nat sorry :) Even Coconut oil does the trick 🔥

 - oil + washing up liquid  
the ratio would be like 1:3
okaY I’m shit at maths but like basically 
just use more washing up liquid 
(to remove the actual makeup)
then a bit of the oil just so 
you ‘hydrate’ the brush. 
If you put too much oil
then the makeup brush will get too oily 
and idk y a a a a a 



  1. This is actually so helpful seeing as I always forget to clean my brushes and it's kinda gross..

    Edie x

  2. That reminds me, I should probably go clean my makeupbrushes. Thanks Ambra.
    Katie xx


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