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GCSE tips + Option Advice

29 Nov 2016

what I have learnt/tips:

ooo I don’t think I have actually mentioned my GCSE results but I got 
1A*- Religious Studies 
3A’s - Biology, Maths, English Language 
6B’s - Geography, Chemistry, Physics, English Language, French, Art 

+ Psychology  
[in bold are subjects I take. Currently I am in Sixth form taking 4 A-levels] 

1) Revise now.
GCSE’s actually take time and effort so don’t try to revise a week or month before the exams. Let’s say you do and get good results throughout the year then well good for you, but when it comes to going to college you will struggle because you aren’t used to a set routine of revising and hey stress is good, too much stress however is just really unhealthy.  

2) Pick subjects that you actually enjoy. 
You will probably be sick and tired of hearing this, but it is honestly so true. I have friends doing Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Biology and wanting to do medicine at University for the sake of pleasing their parents, yet aren’t doing as great as they should be. At the end of the day, you will be the one revising and sitting those exams so please don’t do subjects your parents want you to do. 

3) My struggle however was not actually enjoying any subject enough to take it at A-level, when you are faced with this problem you have to think about it like this 

- Do you bother to do the homework to a good standard? If you don’t then honestly it seems like you don’t enjoy the subject enough.

- Do you dread going to the lesson? Personally I absolutely hated going to French and English, hence I didn't choose them for options. Otherwise boi if I ever took those for A-level...

- Do you get good grades or think you'll get good grades? Honestly if you aren’t getting ‘good’ grades that don’t meet the requirement to do that subject, then just don’t choose it. With me Biology was a subject that I didn't actually hate but I wasn’t really getting the best grades, #E jk ;) But because I was running out of options, I put in the work and actually managed to go from a C in my mock to an A at GCSE :) idk just be realistic. However if you end up getting a C in Maths GCSE and want to do it at A level then it won’t work out :/

4) Don’t be too confident
I have told every year 11 pupil at open day this. It may seem harsh but even those who achieved all A*’s struggle! Lots of people get disheartened when they get their first ‘E’ at sixth form because they are so used to getting all A*s. However it is like comparing yourself from Year 7 to Year 11, obviously you will progress. When I was in year 10, I was struggling to get a C in Maths however at the end of year 11, I got an A! SOo even if you're the ‘smartest’, when you hit A levels you no longer will be #sadbuttrue. indirect to @Dalal  

sUmmary on how my subjects are going 
Biology - Got an E in a recent test 👍 (at least I got some marks)
Geography - Uh alright I guess 
Psychology - boiiiiiii the amount of content is unbelievable 
R.S - hated it at first but now it’s calm 

Hope you choose wisely, good luck :) 

‘Any fool can know. The point is to understand’ - Einstein 
Ambra 🍒
ps- this is a collab with DALAL my g 


  1. we pretty much wrote the same things lol (guess that's what happens when you spend the whole day with someone for nearly a week cri) tbh the E in bio isn't even that bad because if you look at it marks wise 25/55 isn't even deep
    also, drop psychology


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