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GCSE tips + Option Advice

29 Nov 2016

what I have learnt/tips:

ooo I don’t think I have actually mentioned my GCSE results but I got 
1A*- Religious Studies 
3A’s - Biology, Maths, English Language 
6B’s - Geography, Chemistry, Physics, English Language, French, Art 

+ Psychology  
[in bold are subjects I take. Currently I am in Sixth form taking 4 A-levels] 

1) Revise now.
GCSE’s actually take time and effort so don’t try to revise a week or month before the exams. Let’s say you do and get good results throughout the year then well good for you, but when it comes to going to college you will struggle because you aren’t used to a set routine of revising and hey stress is good, too much stress however is just really unhealthy.  

2) Pick subjects that you actually enjoy. 
You will probably be sick and tired of hearing this, but it is honestly so true. I have friends doing Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Biology and wanting to do medicine at University for the sake of pleasing their parents, yet aren’t doing as great as they should be. At the end of the day, you will be the one revising and sitting those exams so please don’t do subjects your parents want you to do. 

3) My struggle however was not actually enjoying any subject enough to take it at A-level, when you are faced with this problem you have to think about it like this 

- Do you bother to do the homework to a good standard? If you don’t then honestly it seems like you don’t enjoy the subject enough.

- Do you dread going to the lesson? Personally I absolutely hated going to French and English, hence I didn't choose them for options. Otherwise boi if I ever took those for A-level...

- Do you get good grades or think you'll get good grades? Honestly if you aren’t getting ‘good’ grades that don’t meet the requirement to do that subject, then just don’t choose it. With me Biology was a subject that I didn't actually hate but I wasn’t really getting the best grades, #E jk ;) But because I was running out of options, I put in the work and actually managed to go from a C in my mock to an A at GCSE :) idk just be realistic. However if you end up getting a C in Maths GCSE and want to do it at A level then it won’t work out :/

4) Don’t be too confident
I have told every year 11 pupil at open day this. It may seem harsh but even those who achieved all A*’s struggle! Lots of people get disheartened when they get their first ‘E’ at sixth form because they are so used to getting all A*s. However it is like comparing yourself from Year 7 to Year 11, obviously you will progress. When I was in year 10, I was struggling to get a C in Maths however at the end of year 11, I got an A! SOo even if you're the ‘smartest’, when you hit A levels you no longer will be #sadbuttrue. indirect to @Dalal  

sUmmary on how my subjects are going 
Biology - Got an E in a recent test 👍 (at least I got some marks)
Geography - Uh alright I guess 
Psychology - boiiiiiii the amount of content is unbelievable 
R.S - hated it at first but now it’s calm 

Hope you choose wisely, good luck :) 

‘Any fool can know. The point is to understand’ - Einstein 
Ambra 🍒
ps- this is a collab with DALAL my g 

Piercing Update | Forward Helix

25 Nov 2016

So around the 18th-19th of August I got my forward helix pierced as a early birthday present. so being the stingy/broke person (all of the above) I get my piercings done in Albania (in the next paragraph you’ll understand my dilemma with Albanian piecers) currently I have 6 piercings (all on my ears), I have 2 lobe piercings on each ear, but on my right ear I have my cartilage and forward helix pierced.

really stupid of me to agree to the piercer piercing the forward helix wth a gun but I was just desperate and it was cheap. I really don’t advise getting any piercings with a gun let alone your forward helix. But hey it has been a month and so far no infection!! Which is a plus! (pray 4 me). However I took out my forward helix out to clean it (before I just used salt water around the ear bc it hurt too much to move it) then my ear was swollen l and I couldn’t put the jewellery back since the back was too big.  (if you follow me on twitter you would know my struggle)
update: 3/10/16
but but but 
everything fine now and it seems to be healing well. so that’s great. I’m going to wait a few months before changing the jewellery just bc I won’t be able to handle the pain.
update: 6/11/16
I get occasional pain around my ear but bearable, once again just going to wait a few more months 

What piercings do you have?

October favourites

18 Nov 2016

you know when some people lie and pretend they've used a product for a whole month when like in reality they haven’t?!!? well this post is literally about stuff I have used non stop like 😇😇😇😇

to separate the post since I can’t take pictures with the camera (lost the Usb cable thingy) heres a random picture. if ur ever in need of finding colours the website ‘colourco’ is super cool, just try it :)
1) Coconut oil . I’m s o r r y but if u don’t use coconut oil what r u doing with ur life? I literally use it everywhere, so on my nails, hands, legs, eyelashes, face, lips and to remove makeup. Forget makeup wipes, cocunut oil will be ur best friend. And the smelll is to d i e for.

2) My sister bought a roll on waxing machine as she goes to the salon open and like that is expensive you know. Honestly if you spend like £40 at the waxing shop, just invest in a machine where you can wax whenever. AND learning how to wax is really easy. Literally my hair grows in a month, it’s amazing (tmi? maybe? idk?)

3) I’ve been on a highlighting everything mood, I recently spoke about the Benefit Watt’s Up highlighter and lightscapde by Mac in this post and boi do I put it everywhere. I’ve been loving it on my eyelids, nose and cupids bow like more than usual <3 I’ve been into the glossy look recently.

4) Vaseline and hand cream. mate mateeeee you don’t even know my struggle, my lips and hands get soooo dry 24/7. They are essentials in life.

5) My laptop, I mean I don't think this really counts because it’s self explanatory and well I use it every single day. But it is more important this month since I had some mini-exams, my laptop helped me (update biology exam was a shambles)

classic w h i t e trainers

11 Nov 2016

[nIKE aIR fOrce 1] 
torn, wrecked but still buff

worst pictures ever taken but it is just so hard to take pictures of trainers and boi I tried. the struggle of trying to make tracksuits not ride up to ur knee m8 

I have actually worn these trainers almost every single day since I bought them less than a year ago and they are and will remain my favourite for a while now (I hope) 

1) they make u look taller = always a plus when ur like 5ft (jk like 5ft6)
2) dey cute 
3) price is reasonable 
okay short story I got the size 5 trainers for £50 bc I didn't wanna pay extra £20. petty I know even tho I’m like a 51/2  / 6
4) goes wiv every outfit - even especially a dress
5) + a million other reasons that I just can’t seem put into words

summary buy them :)
thanks nike for sponsoring me
discount code is blah blah blah. (BANTAAAA)
[soz shit joke ;)]

imma blind u with dis highlighter

4 Nov 2016

^ jk I aint that rude I promise 

on to da makeup, first tho please appreciate I actually have pictures that show I have makeup on (vvvvv rareee). 
Lets skip all the base shit, concealer shit and the borin stuff and SKIP to the best bits. 

well it’s winter (kinda sortaaaaa. well from September to May I consider it winter) meaning my tan has faded away (lol it faded like within a week who am I kidding) meaning I’m palleeeeeeeee boiii so I use bronzer. I probably look orange as hell but tbh I fink I look alright with it on, I use the Bobbi Brown thingy bronzer (Bobbi Brown Bronzing powder 2 b exact) and the Bobbi Brown Sheer Cheek Tint (I can’t find it on their website but heres anotha link, my shade is Sheer Lilac) 

Then 4 my fav part 
I first use the Benefit Watts up highlighter first. PRO tip, blend cream highlighter with a flat foundation brush (Foundation Brush - Body Shop) and boi do I feel like a glow ball (in a good way I think) To set the highlighter I use my Mac Mineralise Skin finish Highlighter in Lightscapade  which is da b0mb especially when ur pale and the most popular shade ‘soft and gentle’ is just not for u. I loveee to put highlighter on my cheekbones, nose, cupids bow, inner eye thingy and on my eyelids <3   den I put on vaseline (my life, my saviour n my love) then the Dandelion lipgloss by Benefit just for da shine n colour. 

when ur the most indecisive shit ever and can't decide on which colour to choose so u insert 4 of the same pictures with 4 different colours. ppl on the same level as me will know that there is 2 pics with different shades of grey ;))) (saucay) 
sweat or highlighter? u may never know ;)