Black Bat

n0n uniform tips

29 Oct 2016

sixth form sixth form.So now I can wear what I want (within reason) and coming from a secondary school where we had a strict uniform, I thought wearing what you like would be easy.
well it’s not 
not even close 
cries in spanish /
french / 
jk I can’t speak shit 
too many words no pictures so popped this one in. 

The main problem is that you run out of clothes within a week or so, two if you’re lucky (if that is u i hate u). so here are some tips that will/maybe/probably not help you look decent to look at or just not to make people think ur not a hobo - from a girl who has repeated 18380 outfits in less than a month (2 smart 4 maths innit) 

- monochrome outfits. Naturally you pay attention and remember those who are wearing bright colours, so to make it seem like you’re not repeating outfits just wear black and white outfits as you can never go wrong with them. 

- back up outfit. This one outfit has saved my morning, it is the one outfit that I always wear when 1) I’m either late or 2) Really in need. so bc of the COLD weather in London, this outfit is my simple cream sweater (?! wool thingy) and my black jeans!

- white shoes. I feel like with black shoes, they either go with your outfit or just d o n ‘ t. White shoes just save ur life. ngl they just go with everything, my fav white shoes are my Nike Air forces bc <3

- plan. plan the night before, trust me this allows me to have uh like 15 minutes more to stare at my cereal and think about life. and trust me you need them moments (key to success)

and finally just do what u want, whether u follow this or not. people don't actually care about what u wear like not even one bit. in a month people will go from looking A1 to a tramp. embrace the trampy-ness