Black Bat

0utfit [e hënë]

26 Sep 2016

lets all clap for Ambra for losing the cable that connects your camera to your computer. So being the intelligent being I am, I thought might as well do a series of webcam photos of my school outfits seeing as I now go to a sixth form that is non-uniform :::)) You probably haven’t missed my face since I haven’t posted in a loonngg time but hey face too ugly to be in photos anyways.

obviously consists of my infamous jeans that make it look like they’re the only jeans I own (I promise I own more ;))  from Zara. My shirt is from an Albanian charity shop which was less than £1. 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑 And my nike air force 1s are from JD sport.

tbh I’m feeling the bad quality pics. now playing
‘wonderful by Travis Scott and No Flockin by Kodak Black’