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8 Jul 2016


Yes me and Dalal are the type to bring heels and trainers to prom then switch them around about 50 times. I was contemplating whether to go or not but it was actually fun, so even if you hate going out or dancing, it will probably be the last time your whole year will be together so make the most of it (even if you’re a person that hates almost everyone at school. aka me) As for my makeup I wanted to do it myself since I hate heavy makeup but honestly I’m quite shit at doing makeup. So I booked a appointment with Bobbi Brown at Selfridges and voila they somehow turned me into a somewhat decent human afterwards. If you ever need to have your makeup done for a special event I would suggest any makeup brand at Selfridges, Oxford St. It was for free but I brought 3 products (that I really liked as well) as it shows I didn’t just waste her time (ya feel me?) To sum up, our school went all out, our teacher got drunk and starting whining on some boys (look it up) and others just went a tad crazy. Oh and I brought earrings especially for prom but I’m stupid and forgot to wear them on the day #failz 

below there are only picture of me and Dalal but I assure you I’m not self centred it’s just that the 
little buffness I had didn’t last. s o o these are the only photos that I look semi-decent in. enjoy :)

Outfit | (Ambra)
Dress Missguided | Heels Banana Republic | Trainers Adidas 

Outfit || (Dalal)
Dress Asos | Heels Asos | Trainers Vans 

ps I’m writing this whilst watching game of thrones! I’m on season 5 and ahhh I love it :)

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  1. Prom was great :) we looked hella buff ngl



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