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27 Jul 2016

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My home screen is basic but so cute as well, I got it from Regardscoupables tumblr , but the actual picture is here 

My first official page is so dead, it's got all the basic apps then the most boring apps like game centre, wallet ect, in my boring folder (how original)

// My final page gets a tad exciting where I have apps that I actually use on a daily basis.

// I first have 'Wattpad' which is a place you can read books by 'normal people' (?), you probably don’t care but my favourite books are called 'Black Diaries' and 'In The Eye of the Storm' both by Robert Thier. 

// I then have 'Mail, and ibooks' which are self explanatory 

// 'Dropbox' is where it gets exciting, it's where I put all the slips I have of people. Idk why but you can place a password when you open the app, so pretty much your photos are safe. 

// 'Instagram' once again is self explanatory, if you want you can follow me on Instagram ;) @ambra.x 

// 'Citymapper' is just an app where I can check bus times, routes and pretty much anything to do with transport. 

// 'Snapchat, Three, Youtube and Boomerang ' are self explanatory. 'Boomerang' is a extended app made by Instagram that allows a short clip repeated over and over (?), just download it and check it out. 

// Finally, 'Freemyapps' is an app where you can download certain apps and gain coins, when you have enough coins you can redeem stuff like giftcards. (oh this isn't sponsored, it's just a easy way to pretty much get money) People have certain links that allows another to download the app whilst the original person would get coins for 'referring' them. So my link is '', so it's like a win-win situation. lol pls all I want is a £5 amazon giftcard #broke 

june favs

19 Jul 2016

I understand that this post is soooooooo long but idk what to do <3 
#1 , #2 , #3 , #4 , #5 
#1, Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye, Mascara [dupe, L’oreal False Lash Flutter, Mascara]
 now I know I say this alot but I honestly think I have found the best mascara ever. I had a sample of the bobbi brown smokey eye mascara whilst having my makeup done at Bobbi brown a while ago and fell in love with it instantly.  This mascara leaves your lashes so fluttery and long, without clumping at all. Having the roots of my lashes blonde/brown is a pain since some mascaras can leave your lashes looking grey but only one coat is literally enough as this mascara is extra black!
 I also struggle with mascara providing too much volume that the end product is my lashes being clumpy, heavy and truly disgusting. But this mascara leans more towards lengthening lashes than volumizing, however enough to slightly thicken lashes (??!!?). The wand is truly amazing as it curls your lashes leaving an effortless and quick look, I already have ‘fuller’ lashes hence this product works wonders as the wand is long and straight providing the right amount of separation and definition. This legit just makes your lashes look so buff and natural yet like eyelash extensions all at the same time (if u don’t get me go test it out yourself)

#2, Bobbi Brown Corrector, Light Bisque 
a quick background on my under eyes, they are bad and honestly I can’t do much to fully erase them or make them look invisible. Nor will I ever actually, the skin under my eyes is really thin, thinner than most, hence the blood vessels under my eyes are more prominent and appear more blue/purple (being very pale also contributes to that factor, yay for me) Then genetics plays a factor with dark circles, so double yay for me as my mum also has bad dark circles :))), and me being the lucky one I inherited her more reddish dark circles and dry skin. So not only do I have hints of blue and purple under my eyes but also red and dry under eyes, which means if I don’t use the right concealer, the concealer can actually flake off (really disgusting and ugly). And then no matter what concealer, or corrector or eye cream or setting powder , over time my under eyes lose its ‘coverage and brightness’ to the point where I don’t understand why or know the science behind it, but my under eyes turn brownish and really shadowy. So I’ve yet to find a concealer routine that actually works on really dark circles.
But, if you don't have the same problem as me regarding under eyes, this corrector will change your life. Especially if you have blue and purple tones under your eyes (well less than I do). This corrector is a light peach shade that counteracts those colours and creates an even base for your concealer. I think correctors are a must especially if you’re blessed with dark circles. The formula is a bit thick however once blended sits perfectly on the skin, also you need less concealer when using a corrector which is always good.

#3, Derma Skin Repair Le Soin, Eye Cream (can’t find the link :( )
This next product goes hand in hand with the corrector as it’s a eye cream. As I mentioned I have dry skin on top of dark circles, this eye cream seems to be the only one that tames the ‘dryness’. Without an eye cream I promise you my concealer literally drys up and flakes of (tmi but true). This eye cream feels lightweight on the eyes and absorbs really quick which was a main reason I thought the eye cream wouldn’t work since it doesn’t really feel like your under eyes are hydrated enough. But secretly they are! My sister unfortunately brought this in France so if you ever find yourself in a french pharmacy, have your eyes set on this product!

#4, Mac lightscapade Highlighter  [I’ve heard MUA and Sleek highlighters are good dupes]
lots of people rave about the soft and gentle highlighter from Mac, but if your pale then I really don’t recommend it since it’s too golden and doesn’t look natural. Henceee I brought the highlighter in the shade Lightscapade  which is literally for pale people as the ‘coverage’ is build able and not cakey. Its’s vvv good to achieve a natural glow without overdoing it.

#5, Bobbi Brown, Bronzing Powder [dupe, Sleek Contour Kit]
This bronzer is actually perfect, it’s a bit too dark for me seeing as I’m really pale but with a light hand this bronzer is <3. I like to place it more on my forehead and cheekbones just to literally bronze up my face and add dimension. It goes on so smoothly and doesn’t look cakey like some bronzers. Some bronzers are actually orange and thick on my pale skin but this is the perfect bronze shade. I use the shade ‘Golden Light 1’ which I’m assuming is the lightest shade so I promise you I’m really pale so this would be perfect for my pale sisters out there!
#6, music favs
I know a lot of people tend to lean towards more makeup posts and not music related posts, but I really love music favs so I’m going to combine my musics favs with my june favs and not a separate post. (hope that makes you happy)
  • With You, Drake
  • Feel No Ways, Drake 
  • Redemption, Drake, 
  • Pop Style <333, Drake 
  • Too Good, Drake 
  • Fire & Desire, Drake 
  • It Won’t Stop, Sevyn Streeter ft Chris Brown
  • any Ariana Grande song sung at Vivo Presents live

makeup trends

15 Jul 2016

beware this post is very unorganised.

all gold everythang 
  • no heavy makeup 
  • fresh dewy makeup
  • embracement of natural hair 
  • korean 'sweet girl' look 
  • lighter highlighted natural hair
  • sun kissed look
  • all black outfits are dying down (but idc)
  • blue and white is becoming more prominent in outfits 
  • faux freckles 
  • thick, brushed out/up eyebrows 
  • velvet chokers 
  • plump, wet look lip gloss 
sum products I love

Watts up highlighter, Benefit, 
This highlight is mmmmm, so natural, so stunning. What more can you ask for? It’s really creamy so it’s so easy to blend I prefer this on the tip of my nose (that’s where I mainly put my highlight) and in the sun the highlight looks so natural and not like a glow ball. 

 Diorskin bronzer, Dior,
So expensive yet so worth it (I didn't buy it mate my sister did lololol) it’s every thing you could ask for in a bronzer. I’ve heard that the Sleek contour kit is a great dupe for any expensive bronzer, but most drugstore bronzers leave my skin looking cakey and orange since I’m really pale #paleprobs. 

Baked-to-last blush, Body shop, 
My mum and I are obsessed with this blush, it’s the right pigmentation for pale people as it doesn’t make you look like a clown #goals. So voila it’s perfecto. I love to swipe this in the apples of my cheek and slightly on my eyes to make it seem like I have eyeshadow on (easy 2  in 1)

Marie antoinette (cream eyeshadow), Charlotte tilbury, 
If you have blue eyes like me, gold and bronze eyeshadows will be your best friend. This cream eyeshadow glides on your eyes like *insert some good simile about how smooth it is idk*. No words can express how beautiful the shade is. I don’t particularly wear this on my lids but I use a smudge brush and smudge it onto my waterline and <333

Lightscapade, Mac 
The worst thing is, is having a highlight that is just totally wrong (have to add this reference of Ed millband vine) for pale skin. This highlight is perfect for pale skin since you can build up the intensity without looking like a glow ball or having a strong line of highlight. I love love love wearing on the tip of my nose, it’s so subtle and natural looking. But the packaging tho *sad face* the magnet is so hard to open #firstworldproblems



8 Jul 2016


Yes me and Dalal are the type to bring heels and trainers to prom then switch them around about 50 times. I was contemplating whether to go or not but it was actually fun, so even if you hate going out or dancing, it will probably be the last time your whole year will be together so make the most of it (even if you’re a person that hates almost everyone at school. aka me) As for my makeup I wanted to do it myself since I hate heavy makeup but honestly I’m quite shit at doing makeup. So I booked a appointment with Bobbi Brown at Selfridges and voila they somehow turned me into a somewhat decent human afterwards. If you ever need to have your makeup done for a special event I would suggest any makeup brand at Selfridges, Oxford St. It was for free but I brought 3 products (that I really liked as well) as it shows I didn’t just waste her time (ya feel me?) To sum up, our school went all out, our teacher got drunk and starting whining on some boys (look it up) and others just went a tad crazy. Oh and I brought earrings especially for prom but I’m stupid and forgot to wear them on the day #failz 

below there are only picture of me and Dalal but I assure you I’m not self centred it’s just that the 
little buffness I had didn’t last. s o o these are the only photos that I look semi-decent in. enjoy :)

Outfit | (Ambra)
Dress Missguided | Heels Banana Republic | Trainers Adidas 

Outfit || (Dalal)
Dress Asos | Heels Asos | Trainers Vans 

ps I’m writing this whilst watching game of thrones! I’m on season 5 and ahhh I love it :)