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21 Jun 2016

I’ve lost the oh-so-little skill I had of taking blog pictures, so please just try pretend the photos are superb (mucho appreciated )

Catastrophic cosmetic mask, lush 
The one downside to this mask is having to put it in the fridge, making it quite a hassle to get up from your room. [Which you spend the limited 24hours or the 1440 minutes, or the 86400 seconds you have in that room, and then attempt to walk to the fridge, occasionally falling since you probably have a leg cramp, then actually opening the fridge which I might admit takes some will power, then having to carry yourself back into your room to struggle to find the right but warm position you yearn for. All that to then use your hand muscles and put on the face mask, you see my distress?] On the plus size keeping it in the fridge makes it cooling to the skin (common sense Ambra) It has a more thicker consistency which is a great since I hate liquidy masks that slip of my face, therefore making it an Instagram worthy face mask. Since I’ve only used this around 3 times, I can’t say whether it worked on reducing spots but I can say that it leaves my skin sooo smooth and super clean!

Eau roma water toner, lush 
I’ve used this a couple of times and honestly don’t actually know what is it supposed to do. All I know is that in one word to describe this product it would be -mehhhh. Out of everything in lush I wouldn’t really recommend this toner since they have better ones. Update, I realised I’ve been using the toner wrong, you apparently spray the toner on the cotton pad and wipe away any dirt on your face. So maybe you shouldn’t trust me on writing a decent review, you shall find another reason below 

Smuggler’s soul, lush
The slight problem is that I think this mask is for men as I recently found out it’s from the Fathers day collection. oh and the fact that it smells of aftershave is another hint that I should of noticed, teehee. Anyhow I think I’ll pass it along to my dad. Nevertheless it does the job of exfoliating well due to its very fine grains, so if you’re into mens products then you’ll gladly love this. Plus it leaves your skin very very very soft! Maybe next time I’ll look closely at what I’m buying.

93,000 miles, lush 
You know when you enter a lush store and you’re hit with all the scents of soaps, bath bombs and essentially all the products at once, but it’s a nice overwhelming smell. Well sorry to disappoint but this shower jelly doesn’t smell all. Sorry to ruin the mood, but if you do like cinnamon and peppermint you’ll love this, sadly I don’t (not one bit) Now because I’m broke and want stuff to last I used a small chunk in my bath and it didn’t do anything! It remained its jelly consistency and didn't lather, or do anything in fact. But please give this product a try since I probably used it wrong bc well I’m dumb. update by Dalal, ambra u r a fob, its a shower jelly so you put it on your loofah and it acts as shower gel, fob.

Happiness, lush 
dun dun dun, last product is this golden eyeshadow. One of the latest trends is dewy makeup and just all gold everythang. This product is so nice. End of (not really :)), theres not much to say as it is really pigmented and the colour is to die for! I can’t find the link for some reason.

all these products are from Oxford St, London (btw thanks Iman, you know what you’ve done!!! :)))

accounts to die 4

5 Jun 2016

beware photo heavy post. These are some accounts I suggest following on Instagram because <3