Black Bat


19 Apr 2016

(from left to right)

The Weeknd | In Vein (Explicit)
The Weeknd | Low Life (Explicit)
Mary J.Blige | Family Affair
Rihanna | Needed Me (Explicit)
Rihanna | Anti Album (Mainly Explicit)
Rihanna | Sex With Me (Explicit)
Zhu, Aluna George | Automatic
Bryson Tiller | Exchange (Explicit)
Kayne West | Blame game (Explicit)
Disclosure, Aluna George | White noise
Jeremih | Planez (Explicit)
Lorde | Yellow Flicker Beat

ps. I thought I was add the fact that uh most of the songs are explicit, so kids don’t search some of the songs and listen to them bc well :)))

pps. I have my Gcses starting in less than a month so I’ll try post at least once in that month but don’t quote me on that bc ya know I have to revise :((

Ambra :)) What r ur fav songs? Tell me them pls

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  1. Love your playlist. Some months ago, I had my The Weeknd period and I was always listening him. His songs are amazing! I love Shameless, In The Night and Tell Your Friends from his new album x

    Valérie | Queen Of Disaster


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