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51 facts v pointless facts that you probably won’t need in your life but should read

28 Mar 2016

 1. I’m a picky eater
 2. I eat ketchup with pretty much everything
 3. My fav movies are Titanic and Dirty Dancing
 4. I love all shades of Grey
 5. I absolutely hate when people paint their nails up to their cuticles
 6. I love sour sweets
 7. and cereal and apples 
 8. My eyelashes are just terrible
 9. so is my hair
10. I love water so much
11. I have many weird habits
12. I lack creativity
13. I have chicken pox right now and I am seriously concerned because I’m 15 and you’re supposed to get it when you’re young, like wtf
14. I dislike The Neighborhood, idk why (update by Dalal, fuck off mate they 'dislike' you back)
15. My jokes bang
16. I love The Vampire Diaries
17. and Teen wolf
18. I love TV shows in general
19. I’d love to see The weeknd or Rihanna live. 
20. I have the weirdest taste in music
21. I love love love to read 
22. My skin is so dry but oily but mostly dry ugh (I wouldn't call it combination skin tho (it’s just v weird))
23. I lack makeup skills
24. I can never find the right outfit 
25. I prefer being on my own 
26. I love the dark 
27. My curtains are constantly closed (ask Dalal)
28. My laptop brightness is always low af
29. I semi-hate ice cream 
30. and donuts 
31. I love cupcakes tho 
32. I’m hungry all the time 
33. I haven’t painted my nails in soooo long 
34. I get annoyed really easily 
35. I have a tendency of sleeping with makeup on
36. I had braces about 3 years ago
37. I love Flash, the TV show 
38. I want to go to Bali
39. and Australia 
40. and generally Island ‘hop’
41. Micellar water is a lifesaver for lazy people (aka me)
42. I can’t revise in messy places 
43. I need complete silence to study 
44. I love Lucky Blue Smith
45. but apparently he supports Donald Trump
46. so it’s a no from me then, but he still cute 
47. I say pls too often 
48. I’m so bad at French despite studying it for 5 years 
49. I don’t know where I want to go for Sixth Form
50. Let’s end on the note that I love food. 
51. I abbreviate words bc I’m v lazy (<<<<<< you see?) 
Too cute not to post it anywhere


  1. I love this post Ambra. I also eat ketchup with everything, I thought I was the only One haha.
    Katie x

    1. mmm ketchup! Trust me, you are not alone

  2. It's a no from me then lmaooo, though I'm the opposite in that I hate when people DONT paint right up almost to the cuticle! I know a beautician would tell you you're not supposed to but that little bit of naked nail annoys me hahaha

    1. :(( when I was writing that I felt like I had a chance with him, let a girl dream :((!!

  3. Aw I'd like to ser the weeknd too, I really love his music! (yup and reading is everything) x

    Valérie | Queen Of Disaster

    1. His music is too much too handle! I luv it <3

  4. I feel v proud to know about your love for dirty dancing, titanic and lucky blue smith

    Edie | The Life of Edie

    1. now you know what the queen luvs <3 aka meeee


  5. Love this fashion wishlist and your picks, so perfect for the transitional time!

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  7. Fantastic post! Thanks for your comment in my blog, would you like to follow each other?:)


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