Black Bat

51 facts v pointless facts that you probably won’t need in your life but should read

28 Mar 2016

 1. I’m a picky eater
 2. I eat ketchup with pretty much everything
 3. My fav movies are Titanic and Dirty Dancing
 4. I love all shades of Grey
 5. I absolutely hate when people paint their nails up to their cuticles
 6. I love sour sweets
 7. and cereal and apples 
 8. My eyelashes are just terrible
 9. so is my hair
10. I love water so much
11. I have many weird habits
12. I lack creativity
13. I have chicken pox right now and I am seriously concerned because I’m 15 and you’re supposed to get it when you’re young, like wtf

Me likey to be alone

12 Mar 2016

In a nutshell here are a bunch (I say bunch, but there are like 4 pictures) of pictures that are 
1. random 
2. The other pictures turned out terrible 
3. I was bored and came across these 
4. okay bye :))

Vamos Barca

5 Mar 2016

I MET A LUCKY BLUE SMITH LOOKALIKE ON THE METRO! Very weird way to start, but I’ve been rewriting and redrafting this post because it sounded too scripted for e.g.' The architecture, weather and general ambience there was amazing’ (you see, you see or is it just me?!) Back to the Lucky Blue Smith story, I tried to take a picture of him when we got of the metro (he was still on it). I was so so determined, I had my phone out, memorising the carriage he was in, you know slowing my breathing rate so I could focus on that carriage, and only that carriage. THEN I blink and the metro is rushing past me. Moral of the story try discretely taking a photo ON the metro and not OFF it. 

Outfit |
White tee Zara | Black ripped jeans (that you’ve seen 293810 times) Zara | Sneakers Adidas (no surprise teehee) 

Outfit ||
Black sweater (my dads) idk | Blue ripped jeans Zara | Sneakers Adidas 

I don’t want this to be a heavy pictured post --- which is my excuse because I’m pretty much trying to hide the fact that these are the only semi-decent pictures ;)