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27 Jan 2016

Yes, I am fully aware I technically stole this post idea from Dalal but hey who gotta know ;)) ? (check hers out, it’s v cool) Anyhow I have a collection of photos I’ve been loving on Tumblr which I thought I’ll share with the inter web! These photos just make me weep at my uninteresting, sad and very dismal life 

You may ask ‘Ambra why these collection of pictures?’ 

Ambra may answer ‘because why not’ (this is getting creepy 
because I’m technically talking to my self so um bye now :) )


  1. I love all of the photos Ambra, its weird how much one picture can say. Probably makes no sense but oh well. Katie x

  2. Ty for the plug :)))) that picture in the middle is .... that jawline is killing me!

  3. O mi G aesthetic !1!1!!1!??!!!! Srsly tho this is a cool post haha


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