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January tbr (to be read) + Update

23 Dec 2016

Quick update from my post about December books (2 posts before), I finished Unwind and meh meh. not really a fan yesterday (22nd December)

[note to self: read these books in January (hint - new years resolution is to read more books (more challenging books, not so much classics as they are boring and I haven’t found one that seems to be actually good and that I can actually understand)]

- It ends with us - Colleen Hoover  
- Never let me go - Kazuo Ishiguro
- Switched, Trylee trilogy- Amanda Hocking
- Reboot - Amy Tintera

December book update:
So far (23th December), I have read
- Unwind                                                                             In total I have read 5 books this month and                      
- Seed                                                                                   have done zero work for school!! :))))
- Glitch (full trilogy) (in short 3 books)                        
and am currently reading ‘It ends with us’

This post literally has no meaning unless you like books but don’t care :) And it is all over the place

Black African Soap

21 Dec 2016

I have been doing this routine for around 3-4 weeks - 
 for the past 2 weeks my night routine has consisted of removing my makeup with the Simple eye makeup remover, the week before I would use the coconut oil method, but I’ve been extremely lazy so switched to makeup remover. Then I use my Black African Soap which is amazing!

My skin is relatively clear, however I get the majority of my spots on the centre of my forehead and around my nose. Last year I broke out a lot due to stress for GCSE's (cringe bc compare them to A-levels), and despite the spots clearing up, I was left with what looked like spots but where in fact ‘2D’. I don’t know how to explain it, my skin was soft but still had acne pigmentation. 

Although the black african soap hasn’t cleared all my skin, it has actually been removing the acne pigmentation, which is great because before I would apply concealer everyday to my forehead because it looked like I had spots but I didn't! (v frustrating) 


I lather the soap with water, and just cleanse my face (? it is v simple ?)

cons:                                                                                                                              pros:
Leaves your skin dry                                                                                                    Under £5
Strong-ish smell                                                                                                            Seems to work 4 me

luv luv luv it 
aMBRA x 

December Books

20 Dec 2016

please ignore the plastic ugly covers :) 

To know my progress with books, I try to update what page number I am on  or what I am currently reading on ‘Goodreads’. My Goodreads account is here :)

Seed | 
This book is about a life lived in a cult, a girl named Pearl has lived her whole life at Seed, they worship nature and idolise their leader, Papa S. This book is quite disturbing (I don't know how to phrase anything without spoiling it ahhhh) A boy from the outside arrives and Pearl beings to experience feelings, but Pearl was ‘brainwashed’ by Seed to believe the outside world is literally poison. [OkAY just look up someones review :)] And Pearl begins to realise that Seed isn’t ‘good’

Unwind | 
So this book is essentially where unwanted teenagers are salvaged for their body parts (morbid much?) So far (I’m on page 100), it seems like every chapter starts with a different point of view however they all link. There are 3 main characters so far, Connor, Risa and Lev who are all on their way to ‘Harvest camp’ to be unwinded, and somehow escape and are trying to fight the system. 
Current opinions
- I don't tend to like books that change perspective every chapter 
- I’m going to carry on reading and try finish the book
- If I like it then I’ll finish the trilogy but :)))) 

Never Let Me Go | 
The reason why I left this book last is because I’m going in order from ‘not challenging to quite challenging’ So Seed was easy to read and Never Let Me Go is apparently challenging (well for me anyways). I really wanted to get this post up and obviously I haven’t read this book yet. But my school librarian did recommend it, oh and it is also a movie so :)

If you didn't notice the trend of book genres, (Dystopian-Romance) do you recommend any books that will challenge me?


19 Dec 2016

My sister and I went to Rome for a weekend away seeing as 
1) It’s in Europe  
2) Christmas treat 
3) and because why not?

After landing at Fiumicino airport safely, we took the Leonardo express train to the city centre (fast + reliable service + cheap). We checked into our hotel and finally ventured out to see what this city  had to offer! (cringe)

Day 1, we firstly visited the Colosseum, as it was the closest landmark to our hotel. We visited during off peak times, so therefore was surprised to see the short queue, despite the many blogs I had read before claiming the queues are really long. My tip for saving money would be to just wait it out as the queues really aren’t that bad + you save so much money with student cards when you pay at the desk! We spent a lot of time walking around, and finding beautiful streets and little shops. Beware, traders on the street will ambush you trying to sell you selfie sticks and kids toys (not fun and definitely annoying af!). 

Day 2, was dedicated to the Vatican City. We were SO excited about coming here as it was both on our bucket lists for over a year. We took the metro (which was covered in graffiti. graffiti = cool) and was easy to navigate and took about 25 mins. We were again ambushed by multiple tour guides about certain packages and deals they had. As we don’t like tour guides and prefer to do our own thing at our own pace we literally waiting around 30 mins in the queue. The scenery inside was incredible and words simply couldn’t describe how beautiful the paintings were displayed. 

A place I do strongly recommend: Giolotti aka THE best ice cream shop in Rome. €3 for 3 scoops, ice cream was FRESHHHHH it glided off the spatula so easily and you had a choice of cream on top! uh it was amazing 
okay now for the pictures :))))



17 Dec 2016

As I went to Rome you were probably expecting a rOME post but I lost my USB so I can’t post the pictures, but until then you can enjoy these lovely pictures that my sister took in Paris. (sorryyyy)


outfit not found

16 Dec 2016

Super old post when my hair was longish, but I never posted it because I really don’t like the pictures (but you can blame Dalal for that) . But blogmas is starting to get hard and I have zero scheduled posts + school and well I have no social life to start of with so yay 

This sweater has saved me so many times in the morning when I have no time to pick out an outfit, it is super cozy and cute and oversized (kind of), the jeans are a bit meh. I have a love/hate relationship with them, sometimes I like the fit, other times...

Sweater | Zara
Jeans | Zara
Shoes | Adidas
wow my outfits are so so so unique (sorry my outfits are getting boring because everything is from Zara teehee)

Alex Webb

15 Dec 2016

I was on tumblr and stumbled across a photographer called Alex Webb, now I can go
on and on
about why his work is so amazing 
but please just scroll for yourself

pls tell me u like his work
Ambra :) 

Music favourites

14 Dec 2016

I have come to the realisation that no one seems to like music favourites but I really like them  so really just read another blog post about a lush haul or overly fake routine where people claim they drink hot chocolate by the fire place, light candles and go for a jog if ya don’t like this :) no indirects ;)  

Now during December I haven’t really had a phone (broke my phone, had a replacement phone and lost it :))))))))))) so I can’t listen to music so this post is a bit limited. 
ya thought wrong 
I still have my laptop so that clearly didn't stop me 

if you have been following my blog for some time you will know that I l o v e The Weeknd honestly I’ve been a fan foreverrrrr so obviously I love his album (but but but his earlier albums are the 💣)
hmmm favourite songs have got to be ‘star girl interlude, true colours and attention’ 

Next is ‘sexual’ by neiked, never heard of him/she/them but hey this song is gr8888888 

do u recommend any songs/albums?


13 Dec 2016

pls don't judge basically everyone I meet tell me I have the worse taste in movies/tv shows. But honestly I feel like I have the best taste if I don’t say so myself ;) So the Christmas break is soon meaning you get to binge on Tv shows :)

 Below is a small list of Tv shows that I have definitely watched more than a season of (or nearly a season) and the current situation I’m in with that tv show. 

- waiting = fully updated loved it and waiting for new season / episode. drop everything to watch the show. THE BEST TV SHOWS 
- mid season then forgot about it, as u do = self explanatory, got me through mid season then bored me and I forgot to finish it. 
-watch when I’m bored = self explanatory, semi good semi boring. just want to find out what happens tbh 

- Game Of Thrones - (waiting) 
- Suits (mid season then forgot about it, as u do)
- Vampire Diaries - (waiting) 
Pretty Little Liars - (waiting) 
Mr Robot (watch when I’m bored)
Arrow (mid season then forgot about it, as u do)
Flash - (waiting) 
Once Upon A Time (mid season then forgot about it, as u do)
The 100 (mid season then forgot about it, as u do)
How To Get Away With Murder (mid season then forgot about it, as u do)
Teen Wolf - (waiting) 
Glitch (watch when I’m bored)
Awkward (finished completely, I think :() 
Blak Mirror (watch when I’m bored)
The Originals (mid season then forgot about it, as u do)
Hannibal (mid season then forgot about it, as u do)
Limitless (mid season then forgot about it, as u do)
Stranger Things - (waiting)  
Revenge (mid season then forgot about it, as u do)
Jane The Virgin - (waiting) season 3 is shit
Orphan Black (mid season then forgot about it, as u do)
Misfits (mid season then forgot about it, as u do)
Under The Dome (mid season then forgot about it, as u do)
Super Girl(mid season then forgot about it, as u do)
The Carrie Diaries (finished completely :()
Reign (mid season then forgot about it, as u do)
Jessica Jones (mid season then forgot about it, as u do)
Faking It (finished completely, I think :()
Sense 8 (finished completely, I think:()
Switch At Birth (mid season then forgot about it, as u do)
Heroes Reborn (mid season then forgot about it, as u do)
The Missing (currently watching)

okay I know it seems a lot but I wish I had a list like this when I was trying to figure out what TV shows to watch ;) also, I speed up every episode so I can get through them quicker #lifehack

Gift guide

12 Dec 2016

I’m really bad at presents so you should actually thank me for coming up with these, I might have to start taking my own advice ;) I just realised this gift guide post seems more directed towards females however you can always customise it. And it isn’t like this is the only blog post on gift guides (seems like it is on every bloggers post for blogmas ;))

Hella broke < £10 
Candles (so basic but you got to do what you have to do)
- Polaroid film (obviously if this one person has a polaroid otherwise that would be a bit weird to get them film without an actual polaroid )
- Collection of Carmex (if anyone got me this I would die!)
- Set of Earrings (Claire’s do sterling silver earrings for under £10)
- Piercing (with the permission of their parents, you can book for them to get a piercing like double lobe for under £10!)
- Bath bombs (you can’t go wrong with bath bombs, you get get around 2 from Lush for under £10)
- Collection of Cholcates (I mean I wouldn't mind having 10 bars of chocolate ;))
- Album (apparently you can gift albums on iTunes so 🤑🤑)
- Pay for their Netflix/what they watch movies on 
- Phone Case 

Oo look at me I’m rich < £30
- Gift card! ! ! ðŸ¤‘
- Fairy Lights <3 <3 
- Polaroid (if you dig hard enough on Amazon I’m sure you’ll find a polaroid for £30 or a bit more)
- Calvin Klein bra/boxer (or the set if you’re feeling fancayyy)
- Dinner date (The Diner!!!) 
- Ice Skating (come on who doesn't love falling on their head 20 times?)
- 3 books for £30 

No Limit 
- Facial (I would actually dieeeeeeee if someone booked a facial for me ;) hint hint anyone?)
- A trip somewhere 
- Trainers (or any item that they really want)
- A Kindle! 

Hope ya enjoy have a great and safe Christmas or day in general 

current fav makeup brushes + how to clean brushes 2.0

10 Dec 2016

Christmas is round the corner and maybe it is just me but I like to experiment with makeup looks for Christmas so 1) my makeup brushes get dirty and well that’s it really :) So ya I have my current favourite makeup brushes and how to clean them s o o o

Powder Foundation Brush, Eve Lom - 
Now I know this makeup brush is specifically for powder foundation but like I just use it to blend my concealer especially on my forehead (to cover up the streSS spots) and well it gets the job done so 

I have this semi angled blush/bronzer brush which is generally good. Slight problem I can’t seem to figure out what number brush it is so so so I just linked the page for face brushes from Mac :) idk it just seems to blend bronzer really well 

I use this brush for my cream highlight and it is amazing. Especially whilst using the Benefit Watts Up Highlighter, the actual brush on the highlighter does not work well. at all :) so this is very good 

Tooth Brush, anywhere duh
clean one obviously. It is just to shape and ‘fix’ your eyebrows, honestly I don't even know what to say :) 

as you all know I do not like eyeliner. absolutely hate it. s o o I don’t use this for eyeliner. so bc the brush is so small (HINT THE NAME DUH UH) it works as a great smudge brush for your lower lash line without the ‘smudge’ going crazy and out of hand. 

How to wash ya makeup brushes 
okay I tricked you with the 2.0. if u have been reading my blog for a long time I done a post about washing my makeup brushes and I am literally repeating this post with the exact same products. sorry nat sorry :) Even Coconut oil does the trick 🔥

 - oil + washing up liquid  
the ratio would be like 1:3
okaY I’m shit at maths but like basically 
just use more washing up liquid 
(to remove the actual makeup)
then a bit of the oil just so 
you ‘hydrate’ the brush. 
If you put too much oil
then the makeup brush will get too oily 
and idk y a a a a a 


fresh creps

9 Dec 2016

Long story short I am a size 51/2 to a 6, depending on the brand. JD sport do junior sizes which runs up to a 51/2 (do you see where the story is going?) So like I kinda be trampy and get the junior sizes even though most of the time they are a bittttttt small :) but hey.

oKayy 😉

I got the New Balance 373s for (drum rolllll) £35!!! 👅👅

They’re super comfy and all BUT the laces are basically always untying themselves which can get just a tad bit annoying 😕

Do you recommend any trainers?
Ambra 🍑

Favourite moisturisers

8 Dec 2016

I was about to write that my skin gets dry in the winter time, but my skin is a l w a y s dry so :) 

Favourite Winter Moisturisers: 
Hydraskin Essential, Darphin Paris , I mean this is one of my favourite moisturisers ever! Now I don’t want to say it is sticky, because it really isn’t it but like just a bit (in a good way)?! It acts like a base for your makeup (?!) When I used to apply bronzer without moisturiser, it wouldn't really ‘stick’ to anything, but this moisturiser is da bomb. Now I actually understand the important of a base.

Vitamin C Skin Reviver, The Body Shop, you know them products that you tried once and hated it? THIS IS LIKE THAT. I randomly just applied it on top of my moisturiser and boi was I surprised. I honestly don’t thing it does any thing significant to my face but it just adds moisture and a slight glow. PLUs it makes your skin super soft 

- Illuminating Moisture Balm, Bobbi Brown, okay I can never stop loving/raving about Bobbi Brown, I got this tester for a moisturiser and it is so so so so good. I like to just focus it underneath my eyes to hydrate them
-Ambraaaaa 🌹

coconut oil p1

7 Dec 2016

coconut oil + hot cloth 
this combination will save ur life (not literally)

If you don’t already know,  I hate makeup wipes. with a passion. The price is a shambles and they are too rough on my skin. 
For 2 months or so I have been removing my makeup with coconut oil + a hot cloth. So once you melt the coconut oil with the heat from your fingers and start to massage it into your skin, it will essentially cause your makeup to dissolve and voila remove your makeup. I mean it also apparently opens your pores and stuff but honestly I don't know what that actually means but I heard it’s a good thing so coooool  ;)
                     And it leaves your skin super moisturised
                     dry skin + coconut oil + hot cloth = life 

coconut oil + dry anything (lips, body)
self explanatory  

Alright weird one but instead of highlighter, you can actually use like the tiniesttttttttt bit of coconut oil on your cheekbones. idk it seems to have worked for me  

 just go buy coconut oil pls I can’t rave about it more 

Favourite Autumn lipsticks

6 Dec 2016

During December I’ll be doing posts that relate to Winter/Christmas/December in general. Seeing as winter is all about dark lips, dark clothes, dark everythang I might as well start of withhh

This lip stain is great as it is a dark cherry/berry colour stain that is perfect for for winter, even when you keep your face minimal you can literally apply a dark lip and instantly look ready for winter. I like to apply this in sheer layers especially in the inner part of my lips so that it isn’t harsh and opaque. tbh I like my lip stain quite patchy
Mac Matte Lipstick, SIN
The absolute favourite dark lip among youtubers/bloggers or at least I think so. There is really nothing to say as this is just a cherry/berry/dark lip.

Body Shop Colour Crush, 101 Red Siren
You can’t go wrong with a red lip for Christmas, so a really good dupe for Russian Red from Mac is honestly any Maybelinne red as both are signature reds. However I have the Body Shop Colour Crush in 101 Red Siren. It is really nice especially if you have fuller lips.

[boi the picture was looking a bit rank so I deleted it tho, but just imagine a lipstick that is red? (well obvs)]


how much unnece$$ary $hit do I have?

5 Dec 2016

December = Christmas = Presents
Whilst I was really bored and procrasting I was cleaning my sister and I’s makeup place/corner/areaa??! AND just really wanted to know how much everything was. So it isn’t the ‘how much does my face cost’ but more like ‘how much unnecessary shit do we have?’ 
countdown 3... 2... 1... 

scruffy OOTD

4 Dec 2016

ooo look at me with a outfit post which I haven’t done one since September (boi), okay okay okay. 

Basically the glasses fool you, ngl I actually went Specsavers and begged asked for glasses. so. I. can. look. smart. And well even though they are practically clear and have the smallest prescription, they hurt so I tend not to wear them. In my defence, I did kinda need them because I get soo many headaches and I thought that getting glasses would help. They didn’t (faillllll). Anyway I basically wear this type of outfit everyday and just alternate between shoes (well I only have like 3 pair sooo) I either wear my New Balances, Nike Air Forces or my Vans old skool but my mum washed the laces for them and I cba to put the laces back in :)))))) This is actually Dalal's dads jacket #EXPOSED but I just wore it for the pictures...

Jacket \ Dalal's dad :)
Top \ Uniqlo
Jeans \ Zara (obvs)
Trainers \ initial trainers not in picture Nike Air Force 1’s | In the picture Vans Old Skool

GCSE tips + Option Advice

29 Nov 2016

what I have learnt/tips:

ooo I don’t think I have actually mentioned my GCSE results but I got 
1A*- Religious Studies 
3A’s - Biology, Maths, English Language 
6B’s - Geography, Chemistry, Physics, English Language, French, Art 

+ Psychology  
[in bold are subjects I take. Currently I am in Sixth form taking 4 A-levels] 

1) Revise now.
GCSE’s actually take time and effort so don’t try to revise a week or month before the exams. Let’s say you do and get good results throughout the year then well good for you, but when it comes to going to college you will struggle because you aren’t used to a set routine of revising and hey stress is good, too much stress however is just really unhealthy.  

2) Pick subjects that you actually enjoy. 
You will probably be sick and tired of hearing this, but it is honestly so true. I have friends doing Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Biology and wanting to do medicine at University for the sake of pleasing their parents, yet aren’t doing as great as they should be. At the end of the day, you will be the one revising and sitting those exams so please don’t do subjects your parents want you to do. 

3) My struggle however was not actually enjoying any subject enough to take it at A-level, when you are faced with this problem you have to think about it like this 

- Do you bother to do the homework to a good standard? If you don’t then honestly it seems like you don’t enjoy the subject enough.

- Do you dread going to the lesson? Personally I absolutely hated going to French and English, hence I didn't choose them for options. Otherwise boi if I ever took those for A-level...

- Do you get good grades or think you'll get good grades? Honestly if you aren’t getting ‘good’ grades that don’t meet the requirement to do that subject, then just don’t choose it. With me Biology was a subject that I didn't actually hate but I wasn’t really getting the best grades, #E jk ;) But because I was running out of options, I put in the work and actually managed to go from a C in my mock to an A at GCSE :) idk just be realistic. However if you end up getting a C in Maths GCSE and want to do it at A level then it won’t work out :/

4) Don’t be too confident
I have told every year 11 pupil at open day this. It may seem harsh but even those who achieved all A*’s struggle! Lots of people get disheartened when they get their first ‘E’ at sixth form because they are so used to getting all A*s. However it is like comparing yourself from Year 7 to Year 11, obviously you will progress. When I was in year 10, I was struggling to get a C in Maths however at the end of year 11, I got an A! SOo even if you're the ‘smartest’, when you hit A levels you no longer will be #sadbuttrue. indirect to @Dalal  

sUmmary on how my subjects are going 
Biology - Got an E in a recent test 👍 (at least I got some marks)
Geography - Uh alright I guess 
Psychology - boiiiiiii the amount of content is unbelievable 
R.S - hated it at first but now it’s calm 

Hope you choose wisely, good luck :) 

‘Any fool can know. The point is to understand’ - Einstein 
Ambra 🍒
ps- this is a collab with DALAL my g 

Piercing Update | Forward Helix

25 Nov 2016

So around the 18th-19th of August I got my forward helix pierced as a early birthday present. so being the stingy/broke person (all of the above) I get my piercings done in Albania (in the next paragraph you’ll understand my dilemma with Albanian piecers) currently I have 6 piercings (all on my ears), I have 2 lobe piercings on each ear, but on my right ear I have my cartilage and forward helix pierced.

really stupid of me to agree to the piercer piercing the forward helix wth a gun but I was just desperate and it was cheap. I really don’t advise getting any piercings with a gun let alone your forward helix. But hey it has been a month and so far no infection!! Which is a plus! (pray 4 me). However I took out my forward helix out to clean it (before I just used salt water around the ear bc it hurt too much to move it) then my ear was swollen l and I couldn’t put the jewellery back since the back was too big.  (if you follow me on twitter you would know my struggle)
update: 3/10/16
but but but 
everything fine now and it seems to be healing well. so that’s great. I’m going to wait a few months before changing the jewellery just bc I won’t be able to handle the pain.
update: 6/11/16
I get occasional pain around my ear but bearable, once again just going to wait a few more months 

What piercings do you have?

October favourites

18 Nov 2016

you know when some people lie and pretend they've used a product for a whole month when like in reality they haven’t?!!? well this post is literally about stuff I have used non stop like ðŸ˜‡ðŸ˜‡ðŸ˜‡ðŸ˜‡

to separate the post since I can’t take pictures with the camera (lost the Usb cable thingy) heres a random picture. if ur ever in need of finding colours the website ‘colourco’ is super cool, just try it :)
1) Coconut oil . I’m s o r r y but if u don’t use coconut oil what r u doing with ur life? I literally use it everywhere, so on my nails, hands, legs, eyelashes, face, lips and to remove makeup. Forget makeup wipes, cocunut oil will be ur best friend. And the smelll is to d i e for.

2) My sister bought a roll on waxing machine as she goes to the salon open and like that is expensive you know. Honestly if you spend like £40 at the waxing shop, just invest in a machine where you can wax whenever. AND learning how to wax is really easy. Literally my hair grows in a month, it’s amazing (tmi? maybe? idk?)

3) I’ve been on a highlighting everything mood, I recently spoke about the Benefit Watt’s Up highlighter and lightscapde by Mac in this post and boi do I put it everywhere. I’ve been loving it on my eyelids, nose and cupids bow like more than usual <3 I’ve been into the glossy look recently.

4) Vaseline and hand cream. mate mateeeee you don’t even know my struggle, my lips and hands get soooo dry 24/7. They are essentials in life.

5) My laptop, I mean I don't think this really counts because it’s self explanatory and well I use it every single day. But it is more important this month since I had some mini-exams, my laptop helped me (update biology exam was a shambles)

classic w h i t e trainers

11 Nov 2016

[nIKE aIR fOrce 1] 
torn, wrecked but still buff

worst pictures ever taken but it is just so hard to take pictures of trainers and boi I tried. the struggle of trying to make tracksuits not ride up to ur knee m8 

I have actually worn these trainers almost every single day since I bought them less than a year ago and they are and will remain my favourite for a while now (I hope) 

1) they make u look taller = always a plus when ur like 5ft (jk like 5ft6)
2) dey cute 
3) price is reasonable 
okay short story I got the size 5 trainers for £50 bc I didn't wanna pay extra £20. petty I know even tho I’m like a 51/2  / 6
4) goes wiv every outfit - even especially a dress
5) + a million other reasons that I just can’t seem put into words

summary buy them :)
thanks nike for sponsoring me
discount code is blah blah blah. (BANTAAAA)
[soz shit joke ;)]

imma blind u with dis highlighter

4 Nov 2016

^ jk I aint that rude I promise 

on to da makeup, first tho please appreciate I actually have pictures that show I have makeup on (vvvvv rareee). 
Lets skip all the base shit, concealer shit and the borin stuff and SKIP to the best bits. 

well it’s winter (kinda sortaaaaa. well from September to May I consider it winter) meaning my tan has faded away (lol it faded like within a week who am I kidding) meaning I’m palleeeeeeeee boiii so I use bronzer. I probably look orange as hell but tbh I fink I look alright with it on, I use the Bobbi Brown thingy bronzer (Bobbi Brown Bronzing powder 2 b exact) and the Bobbi Brown Sheer Cheek Tint (I can’t find it on their website but heres anotha link, my shade is Sheer Lilac) 

Then 4 my fav part 
I first use the Benefit Watts up highlighter first. PRO tip, blend cream highlighter with a flat foundation brush (Foundation Brush - Body Shop) and boi do I feel like a glow ball (in a good way I think) To set the highlighter I use my Mac Mineralise Skin finish Highlighter in Lightscapade  which is da b0mb especially when ur pale and the most popular shade ‘soft and gentle’ is just not for u. I loveee to put highlighter on my cheekbones, nose, cupids bow, inner eye thingy and on my eyelids <3   den I put on vaseline (my life, my saviour n my love) then the Dandelion lipgloss by Benefit just for da shine n colour. 

when ur the most indecisive shit ever and can't decide on which colour to choose so u insert 4 of the same pictures with 4 different colours. ppl on the same level as me will know that there is 2 pics with different shades of grey ;))) (saucay) 
sweat or highlighter? u may never know ;)


n0n uniform tips

29 Oct 2016

sixth form sixth form.So now I can wear what I want (within reason) and coming from a secondary school where we had a strict uniform, I thought wearing what you like would be easy.
well it’s not 
not even close 
cries in spanish /
french / 
jk I can’t speak shit 
too many words no pictures so popped this one in. 

The main problem is that you run out of clothes within a week or so, two if you’re lucky (if that is u i hate u). so here are some tips that will/maybe/probably not help you look decent to look at or just not to make people think ur not a hobo - from a girl who has repeated 18380 outfits in less than a month (2 smart 4 maths innit) 

- monochrome outfits. Naturally you pay attention and remember those who are wearing bright colours, so to make it seem like you’re not repeating outfits just wear black and white outfits as you can never go wrong with them. 

- back up outfit. This one outfit has saved my morning, it is the one outfit that I always wear when 1) I’m either late or 2) Really in need. so bc of the COLD weather in London, this outfit is my simple cream sweater (?! wool thingy) and my black jeans!

- white shoes. I feel like with black shoes, they either go with your outfit or just d o n ‘ t. White shoes just save ur life. ngl they just go with everything, my fav white shoes are my Nike Air forces bc <3

- plan. plan the night before, trust me this allows me to have uh like 15 minutes more to stare at my cereal and think about life. and trust me you need them moments (key to success)

and finally just do what u want, whether u follow this or not. people don't actually care about what u wear like not even one bit. in a month people will go from looking A1 to a tramp. embrace the trampy-ness

0utfit [e hënë]

26 Sep 2016

lets all clap for Ambra for losing the cable that connects your camera to your computer. So being the intelligent being I am, I thought might as well do a series of webcam photos of my school outfits seeing as I now go to a sixth form that is non-uniform :::)) You probably haven’t missed my face since I haven’t posted in a loonngg time but hey face too ugly to be in photos anyways.

obviously consists of my infamous jeans that make it look like they’re the only jeans I own (I promise I own more ;))  from Zara. My shirt is from an Albanian charity shop which was less than £1. ðŸ¤‘🤑🤑🤑🤑 And my nike air force 1s are from JD sport.

tbh I’m feeling the bad quality pics. now playing
‘wonderful by Travis Scott and No Flockin by Kodak Black’ 

ded phone | What’s on my iPhone

27 Jul 2016

#1, #2, #3

My home screen is basic but so cute as well, I got it from Regardscoupables tumblr , but the actual picture is here 

My first official page is so dead, it's got all the basic apps then the most boring apps like game centre, wallet ect, in my boring folder (how original)

// My final page gets a tad exciting where I have apps that I actually use on a daily basis.

// I first have 'Wattpad' which is a place you can read books by 'normal people' (?), you probably don’t care but my favourite books are called 'Black Diaries' and 'In The Eye of the Storm' both by Robert Thier. 

// I then have 'Mail, and ibooks' which are self explanatory 

// 'Dropbox' is where it gets exciting, it's where I put all the slips I have of people. Idk why but you can place a password when you open the app, so pretty much your photos are safe. 

// 'Instagram' once again is self explanatory, if you want you can follow me on Instagram ;) @ambra.x 

// 'Citymapper' is just an app where I can check bus times, routes and pretty much anything to do with transport. 

// 'Snapchat, Three, Youtube and Boomerang ' are self explanatory. 'Boomerang' is a extended app made by Instagram that allows a short clip repeated over and over (?), just download it and check it out. 

// Finally, 'Freemyapps' is an app where you can download certain apps and gain coins, when you have enough coins you can redeem stuff like giftcards. (oh this isn't sponsored, it's just a easy way to pretty much get money) People have certain links that allows another to download the app whilst the original person would get coins for 'referring' them. So my link is '', so it's like a win-win situation. lol pls all I want is a £5 amazon giftcard #broke 

june favs

19 Jul 2016

I understand that this post is soooooooo long but idk what to do <3 
#1 , #2 , #3 , #4 , #5 
#1, Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye, Mascara [dupe, L’oreal False Lash Flutter, Mascara]
 now I know I say this alot but I honestly think I have found the best mascara ever. I had a sample of the bobbi brown smokey eye mascara whilst having my makeup done at Bobbi brown a while ago and fell in love with it instantly.  This mascara leaves your lashes so fluttery and long, without clumping at all. Having the roots of my lashes blonde/brown is a pain since some mascaras can leave your lashes looking grey but only one coat is literally enough as this mascara is extra black!
 I also struggle with mascara providing too much volume that the end product is my lashes being clumpy, heavy and truly disgusting. But this mascara leans more towards lengthening lashes than volumizing, however enough to slightly thicken lashes (??!!?). The wand is truly amazing as it curls your lashes leaving an effortless and quick look, I already have ‘fuller’ lashes hence this product works wonders as the wand is long and straight providing the right amount of separation and definition. This legit just makes your lashes look so buff and natural yet like eyelash extensions all at the same time (if u don’t get me go test it out yourself)

#2, Bobbi Brown Corrector, Light Bisque 
a quick background on my under eyes, they are bad and honestly I can’t do much to fully erase them or make them look invisible. Nor will I ever actually, the skin under my eyes is really thin, thinner than most, hence the blood vessels under my eyes are more prominent and appear more blue/purple (being very pale also contributes to that factor, yay for me) Then genetics plays a factor with dark circles, so double yay for me as my mum also has bad dark circles :))), and me being the lucky one I inherited her more reddish dark circles and dry skin. So not only do I have hints of blue and purple under my eyes but also red and dry under eyes, which means if I don’t use the right concealer, the concealer can actually flake off (really disgusting and ugly). And then no matter what concealer, or corrector or eye cream or setting powder , over time my under eyes lose its ‘coverage and brightness’ to the point where I don’t understand why or know the science behind it, but my under eyes turn brownish and really shadowy. So I’ve yet to find a concealer routine that actually works on really dark circles.
But, if you don't have the same problem as me regarding under eyes, this corrector will change your life. Especially if you have blue and purple tones under your eyes (well less than I do). This corrector is a light peach shade that counteracts those colours and creates an even base for your concealer. I think correctors are a must especially if you’re blessed with dark circles. The formula is a bit thick however once blended sits perfectly on the skin, also you need less concealer when using a corrector which is always good.

#3, Derma Skin Repair Le Soin, Eye Cream (can’t find the link :( )
This next product goes hand in hand with the corrector as it’s a eye cream. As I mentioned I have dry skin on top of dark circles, this eye cream seems to be the only one that tames the ‘dryness’. Without an eye cream I promise you my concealer literally drys up and flakes of (tmi but true). This eye cream feels lightweight on the eyes and absorbs really quick which was a main reason I thought the eye cream wouldn’t work since it doesn’t really feel like your under eyes are hydrated enough. But secretly they are! My sister unfortunately brought this in France so if you ever find yourself in a french pharmacy, have your eyes set on this product!

#4, Mac lightscapade Highlighter  [I’ve heard MUA and Sleek highlighters are good dupes]
lots of people rave about the soft and gentle highlighter from Mac, but if your pale then I really don’t recommend it since it’s too golden and doesn’t look natural. Henceee I brought the highlighter in the shade Lightscapade  which is literally for pale people as the ‘coverage’ is build able and not cakey. Its’s vvv good to achieve a natural glow without overdoing it.

#5, Bobbi Brown, Bronzing Powder [dupe, Sleek Contour Kit]
This bronzer is actually perfect, it’s a bit too dark for me seeing as I’m really pale but with a light hand this bronzer is <3. I like to place it more on my forehead and cheekbones just to literally bronze up my face and add dimension. It goes on so smoothly and doesn’t look cakey like some bronzers. Some bronzers are actually orange and thick on my pale skin but this is the perfect bronze shade. I use the shade ‘Golden Light 1’ which I’m assuming is the lightest shade so I promise you I’m really pale so this would be perfect for my pale sisters out there!
#6, music favs
I know a lot of people tend to lean towards more makeup posts and not music related posts, but I really love music favs so I’m going to combine my musics favs with my june favs and not a separate post. (hope that makes you happy)
  • With You, Drake
  • Feel No Ways, Drake 
  • Redemption, Drake, 
  • Pop Style <333, Drake 
  • Too Good, Drake 
  • Fire & Desire, Drake 
  • It Won’t Stop, Sevyn Streeter ft Chris Brown
  • any Ariana Grande song sung at Vivo Presents live