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9 Dec 2015

In reality my actual rainy/lazy day routine consists of me sleeping late (emphasise on the late) and watching TV episodes upon episodes, with the occasional break of eating (obviously) but I’m going to incorporate my semi-productive day. 

After many many many snoozes, I finally have the decency to wake up and at least try to be productive. As I am a sucker for breakfast (without it I’ll be a moody bitch throughout the whole day, ask Dalal), I have to eat my Rice Krispies or anything in fact! As 99.999% of teenagers these days, I check all my social medias, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, check out some blogs, the lot. Me being me, I huddle back into bed for some time and once I actually get up, I do all the bathroom business (mini skincare, teeth ect). I then do the most dreaded part of my day. Clean (blame it on my Albanian parents :)) In all honesty that's all I do, sleep,eat,clean and well sleep. On days when I’m on the borderline of feeling productive and lazy, I’ll message Dalal and we usual go somewhere or I just end up watching disney or chick-flick movies. So I'm not going to sit here and lie and say how I’m super proactive because lets face the facts, I’m not. Though I do revise everyday so that counts as something. 



  1. This post literally explains my life ahah!

    Hannah xx

  2. Haha you really do get cranky/grumpy/bitchy when you don't have breakfast!
    Dalal x

  3. this is me every day ngl haha x


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