Black Bat

Minor Disasters

24 Oct 2015

Hurray for me and Dalal getting kicked out of every exhibition because of shitty lighting and then trying to use flash (which we were then told by five assistants we weren’t allowed to use so that's why the pictures are orange-ish) Despite me being very stressed with many open days, exams, homework, art course work ect, me and Dalal randomly decided to go to the Tate modern gallery. Don’t mind my very trampy outfit :)

Details | Jacket Zara | Leggings H&M | Tee-shirt Topshop

The Weeknd

10 Oct 2015

I can proudly say that I have been a fan of Abel’s music for a very very very long time, I even remember when my sister bought The Trilogy album and I literally thought his music was very queer. Then again I was only eleven-ish at the time and I shouldn't of been listening to his music at that age, but I didn't even understand half the words he was saying then (so that's alright I guess?). Most of his music is always on repeat, but this album has been on constant repeat. Without overdoing this post with thousands of words, I'm going to end it here by saying - definitely check out his music.