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19 Sep 2015

Heavy pictured posts. The type of post that I will never get sick and tired of writing. Now its a Saturday morning around 11-ish and I should really be revising,but as usual i’m procrastinating and writing this post (obviously!) Anyways onto my very very very basic outfit, which consists of my Brandy Melville top which is plain white. But what intrigues me is the saying on the breast pocket (?!?) 'Dazed and Confused' like seriously can this top get any cuter?!! My distressed boyfriend jeans are from the oh so predictable, Zara, which I purchased in the sale for £5.99! They are super cute and comfy. My sneakers are the Adidas Superstars which I wear everywhere and with everything! These are such a staple in your wardrobe. As usual I go abit overboard with the writing so please enjoy these (iPhone 5s taken) photos, which are semi bad quality so sorryyyy about that (crii criii)

Août favourites

7 Sep 2015

First of all, yes I am going to title my monthly favourites in the little French I know. I wish I could start my favourite posts with a sentence other than 'this month has gone so fast' but being the cliche girl I am, I have nothing else to say, well hasn't the month of August gone fast?! I've offically started year 11 and I am on the verge of 18237 panic attacks, crying, smashing plates and the obvious, binge eating. 

My first favourite is the Algenist melting cleanser. It starts of as a thick gel substance, which when applied to skin transforms into a lightweight and luxurious oil, which then gently removes long-wearing makeup all in one step. Then when you apply water to your face, the oil transforms into a milky emulsion (ooo chemistry) which then cleanses your skin and leaves it super soft and nourished. I am in love with the subtle fragrance of vanilla (yummmm). This is slightly expensive at £32 in Space NK (please count how many times I have written 'which then' and tell me in the comments)

For my birthday Edie from thelifeofedie bought me a few stuff from Urban outfitters (fancy, I know!) One of the things she bought me was the EOS smooth stick in 'Sweet Mint'. The smell is amazing, and I may or may not lick my lips 10672323 times because the taste is just heavenly. It's not all about the packaging (pfff it really is), but this actually moisturises my lips especially how its getting cooler in London, I’ll definitely be repurchasing this when it runs out. Thank you to my gal Edie for the presents, check our her blog you will not regret it!!  

My last favourites are music related, I’ve been obsessed with these three songs which are in a playlist and always on repeat. The songs are Calvin Harris & Disciples - How Deep Is Your Love, can I just say the video for this song is perfect, you should check that out. Years and Years - Shine which I cannot describe in words, you need to hear this! Lastly is Selena Gomez ft A$AP ROCKY - look good for you, I don't normally listen to Selena Gomez’s singles but this song has touched me and is so good!! Ekkk am I not the best at describing songs??!!!? 

                Sorry for the short amount of favourites but also for a heavy word post, I’ve decided to change up how I write my posts. I am a very sarcastic person who hates using big, complicating words. So, sorry in advance because my posts a few months ago were just not me, and I felt that I had to put on a show and write in a professional manner and stop my actual personality from showing through- which is definitely not me, I am a very simple and casual girl and hopefully I can show that in my upcoming posts!!

What have been your favourite this month?

Ambra x 


1 Sep 2015

For my extremely unlucky date of a birthday, August 20th (GCSE results day), this is how my day went. I picked up my early entry Gcse results, shed a few tears (when I mean I shed a few tears, crying a river was an understatement), then went out to celebrate my birthday. Pretty self explanatory. Me and my family went out to Covent Garden, Steak & Co where we took bad quality pictures and ate what our hearts desired.

I wore a grey loose sleeved top from H&M, which was super comfy and casual, I paired that with my black leather trousers (sometimes called pleather trousers?) which made me feel fancy and cute. Most of you know that my outfits are super comfy, effortless but saucay. So you can always dress up this outfit to your own desire. Onto the really bad photos (cri cri)