Black Bat

Au natural

24 Aug 2015

I go back to school in rougly two weeks which I am freaking about since I will offically be in year eleven (ekkkk) My school has a 'no makeup' policy, but if its subtle, natural and 'un-noticable' then they don't mind.  So instead of showing you a look that I can’t relate to, I thought to myself why not just show my everyday makeup for school. Which you can also tone up or down to your own liking.  

I first use my Mac Concealer to cover my dark circles, as I don’t wear foundation, using a concealer to cover up any blemishes gives you more of the au natural look. I then set my concealer with the Prep and Prime translucent powder from Mac to ensure my concealer stays on the whole school day without creasing. I had the The Roller Lash by Benefit mascara applied on me when it first came out with a few too many coats which lead it to be super clumpy and heavy on my lashes. Which was why I was quite skeptical purchasing this, however with one or so coats, it provides length and volume without the clump.I then use my Clinque Chubby Stick in Super Strawberry, which is a similar shade to my natural lip colour however has a light berry tint, to finish this au natural perfect school makeup look.

Whats is your ‘go to’ school makeup look? 
Ambra x 

The famous flannel

16 Aug 2015

Heyyyyy I’m back! I hope you guys haven’t forgotten about me! Firstly I would like to say I am excited to be back to dress and shop more, however I am missing the sun (waahh) anyways, moving on.. I was writing up my 'fifty facts about me' until I realised a blank titled post. I opened it and noticed my mini photoshoot with Dalal! This shoot consisted of my basic white tee which is a semi muscle tee that hangs on your shoulders without the extreme cuts on the side - this is from Zara. For the last 3/4 years flannels have become extremely popular and therefore I was quite skeptical, but a flannel is an essential piece that I think humans of all sexes should have! Seeing as flannels are popular I wanted to buy one that not many people have. This flannel is from Zara and has the unique colour block of cream which I think frames this tom-boy, casual outfit quite well. Finally my distressed jeans are from Zara too (Zara galore!), I cant stress enough how easy distressed jeans are to match up with a few include tops, tees, blouses, jumpers, the list goes on! I paired this outfit with my white Adidas originals.  
What does your casual outfit consist of?
(Have you noticed I say this piece of clothing is essential in nearly all my fashion posts) 
Ambra x