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LUSH Mask of Magmaminty

22 Jul 2015

After many many weeks I’ve finally had the time and effort to write this super long awaited review. I mentioned on one of my previous haul posts (linked here) that I bought the self preserving Mask of magmaminty from Lush a few weeks ago as it was (and still is) raved by many youtubers and bloggers due to its skin benefits, and now that I've tried it I understand why! It works as a cleanser, exfoliator but also a deep cleansing face and body mask to remove any spots/prevent future ones to leave your skin feeling softer and brighter. The mask contains Kaolin clay and peppermint oil which ‘pulls’ dirt from pores and raise them on the surface of your skin making it easier to minimise and remoce them after a few days of applying the mask. Aduki beans are an ingredient that exfoliates dry or flakey skin to reveal soft and glowy skin and finally the vanilla and honey hydrate and reduce redness. All these ingredients are claimed to be cruelty free and natural which is one of it's pros

I use this mask when I am having breakouts but I also use it twice to once a week, to help maintain clear skin. As it is self-preserving I don’t need to worry that the mask will dry out and lose its freshness and it doesn't need to be stored in the fridge! Also as this mask contains honey, it hydrates my skin leaving a cool sensation afterwards so there's no need to moisturise after using this mask. The mask it self is thick yet workable on the skin and smells heavenly and fresh. The small tub retails at £5.50, which is totally worth for the amount you get which lasts months without over-drying.

Skin Care Routine | Summer

15 Jul 2015

I recently found myself in Tesco casually searching for water balloons (as you do) and whilst doing so, the beauty isle caught my eye (no surprise) I decided to stock up on some clean and clear products seeing as the offers were such great bargains! This was about two weeks ago, and now two weeks later I find that this new updated skin care routine has worked so well on my skin to remove spots but also prevent any future spots and breakouts.

I remove any makeup or dirt that has built on my skin over the day with my BioDerma Sensibio H2O. This remove all my makeup in one step without any harsh rubbing. It also cleanses and refreshes your skin without rinsing, which is great for those lazy nights. A drugstore dupe is the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water.
I then use my Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot Stress Control Daily Wash, to cleanse my face more and get rid of any grime/makeup that may have built up over the day. This scrub is gentle enough for daily use as the micro-beads are soft, yet exfoliate well enough to slough of those dry, dull skin cells to reveal fresh and more brighter skin. It is enriched with green tea and cucumber which are both refreshing and cooling ingredients, making you feel more awake. I use this every morning and night.
Although the scrub doesn't dry my skin, everyone knows the importance of moisturising. I use my Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturiser which is formulated to prevent spots and blemishes. It leaves my skin smooth, soft and hydrated and it doesn't clog up your pores (which is always a plus!)

Finally, when I have some major spots, likewise on my nose right now, I use my Origins Super Spot Remover which is a great blemish treatment gel that works overnight to remove redness and spots. It contains caffeine and red algae to help relieve and reduce redness, as well as salicylic acid which is the master ingredient as this fades and removes spots. 

Do you like Clean and Clear skin care products?
Ambra x 

Summer Outfit Inspiration

5 Jul 2015

I've been wanting to do a fashion post especially as I'm more fashion orientated than beauty,  although I do love them both. As the weather has started to warm up (at last) Dalal and I used it to our advantage and took some outfit photos that are appropriate to summer. We orginally took photos for three outfits but the lighting went funny so we decided to stick with two outfits, but no worries, we've saved the outfit for a future post. 
The first outfit is a more scruffy yet put together outfit, the tank top from Zara and has a feminine open back which is ideal for summer, as it can keep you cool. However the distressed boyfriend jeans, also from Zara, help to loosen the vibes of the outfit and give it a more boyish look. My boots, Zara..again, are a little out of my comfort zone however I really like them as they add a more sophisticated look and pull the whole outfit together so it isn't too sloppy. I'm not really into jewelry and tend to wear the more simple items but this rose gold watch from Marc Jacobs isn't too big and in your face.
The second outfit is a little less tombyish and more easy to style, it's your simple tank top, jeans and trainers look, which is very effortless yet appropriate for this weather. I'm wearing a light pink cami top from Zara, which is quite a basic piece, along with my Topshop Leigh jeans which have a few rips on the knees. I really like this wash of denim as it's light and summery but isn't too acid washed. You can't go wrong with a pair of trainers as they're comfy and practical, mine are a pair of air max 100s which I've had for the longest time. As I said before, I'm more into dainty jewellery so I layered these two necklaces together, they're both from Urban Outfitters.

Here are some additional photos!
Dalal and I also met Essie Buttons dog, Reggie! He was with Lucy from Bonjour Luce and she was really nice and we managed to exchange blogs too; he was so photogenic, cute and playful. I hope you enjoyed my first fashion post, all photos were taken by Dalal, except the ones of Reggie (I took them)
Which one is your favourite outfit?
Ambra x

June Empties

1 Jul 2015

It's time for my first empties post which is quite rare seeing as I never get the chance to actually finish my products as I'm constantly buying new things! I do tend to find it really hard to finish products that I'm not particularly fond of however these listed here were gone in a flash.

Estee Lauder advanced night repair eye cream synchronized complex-
My first empty is a product  I truly miss as it benefited my skin in numerous ways. It would hydrate under my eyes unlike any other eye cream I have used, it was neither sticky or gloopy unlike most eye creams I have used. But more of a runny substance in which would dry in a matter of minutes. It made the application of concealer a lot smoother and I would not end up with dried up concealer at the end of a school day. The only problem is that a full sized bottle is £46.00, which is way out of my price zone

Bobbie Brown long-wear cream shadow stick-
This was one of my first purchases from Bobbie Brown and it's probably my favourite. It is almost matte and extremely creamy and therefore it can be easily blended. Since it is waterproof this gives the joy of beginners (like me) a tough time removing it after many mistakes but I guess that's good for a summer day as you know it won't budge. So it was a semi-regret but its staying power is almost unbelievable lasting almost 7 hours. I wear this (with the little I have left of this product) by swiping it under my eyelids to emphasise my blue eyes. 

Chanel mascara-
I adored this mascara until it dried out, it has everything you would look for in a mascara, it lengthens your eyelashes and volumises them but also provides a natural and subtle look. One of its only downsides is that it did dry extremely fast which made me not repurchase it due to its price of £22 however I've heard that you are able to revive dried out mascaras using some eye drops so I'll try that out and let you know!

Maybelline falsies volume express waterproof-
Once again just like the Chanel mascara this dried out quite fast, leaving it pretty much useless. Before it dried out, it did exactly what it said on the bottle, lengthens, volumises and waterproof. The curved wand allows way easier application and picks up more lashes but way more length than a normal wand! I  am definitely repurchasing this and would recommend it to anyone as it is quite an affordable product.

What products have you recently finished and will you be repurchasing it?