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26 Jun 2015

I’ve been loving minimalist and monochrome outfits recently, well then again that is my only colour scheme. Loose shirts and cigarette trousers are so simple yet deceive people into thinking you have spent along planning your outfit.  Both these combined are very versatile since you can pair them with simple slip on sneakers or dress them up for a night out and wear black strappy heels. Especially with the flowy breathable fabric of white loose shirts, this combined outfit is perfect for all seasons to come.

White Loose Shirts

They are very versatile and go with everything, you can dress them up for a night out or dress them
down for a casual day out. I love to pair them with anything black or navy, like cigarette trousers, leather skirts, or even with a pair of denim distressed jeans and a pair of classic faux leather Booties ( the lot!) I love to tuck the centre part of the shirt to complete my effortless look.

Cigarette Trousers
These are another must haves in your wardrobe as they spice up a casual outfit to give a work tone vibe. Cigarette trousers are a wardrobe essential as they almost give an effortless look. In which for work experience I paired my navy cigarette trousers with a loose white shirt and a light grey blouse ( all from Zara duhh ) , they are appropriate for work, simply retail therapy and day to day life.  

Ambra x

Bombshell Hotness

20 Jun 2015

This bombshell look is a Veronica Lake and Marilyn Monroe inspired look, Focusing on the bold lips and feline flick. Recently I went Harrods with my sister where we saw the Charlotte Tilbury stand, they displayed pictures of models with separate looks, the concept is pretty cool! You essentially pick the look you preferred and then buy the set which includes all the individual makeup in one set. The sets are quite pricey though, ranging from £145 to £165, however, for such great quality and a large range of full sized products, it's worth it. I chose the Bombshell set/look as it's way out of my comfort zone so I wanted to try something new as well as it being very versatile, you could switch it up for day and night looks. Since my mum loves bold makeup looks we share some of the makeup together and she loves it as much as I do.

Eyes // Colour Chamelo EyeShadow Stick // Amber Haze

I first use the Colour Chamelo EyeShadow Stick in Amber Haze and apply it in my crease. This is so easy to use, glides on the crease smoothly and is so quick to blend out, even with your fingers. I tend to only apply this shade in my crease only as it can be a bit over the top. Instead, I use a light champagne colour on my lid to make sure the colours even out without being too dramatic. If you want a more of a night and smoky eyed look then apply the eyestick all over your lids and use a transition colour in the crease and a darker colour in the outer corner!

To create the dramatic cat eye I use the Feline Flick eyeliner and seeing as I'm not the best at eyeliner, the pointy felt tip ensures an easy application. This retails at £22, however, there are alot of eyeliners with a tip like this on the market for way cheaper like the Collection extreme 24hr liner or the Soap and Glory supercat liner. It dries matte but it does tend to smear onto your lid after a few hours, which is one of its downsides.

I am in love with this mascara, it provides length, volume and no clumping which is everything I look for in a mascara. As a person who has fairly long lashes this separates my lashes whilst giving volume and curling them as well. I really do love this mascara, it mentions that it gives you dramatic lashes but on my lashes, it provides a more natural look than dramatic- which I personally love. If you have short stubby lashes, this mascara will probably clump your lashes together and give a more dramatic look.

Blush // Sex On Fire 
This is one of my favourite products from the entire set as the blush is so natural and has 2 colours in one which you can swirl to get a lovely warm and rich colour. It is pigmented but not so much that it looks cakey so it can be built up to give a more dramatic look. Its not very shimmery to the point that it makes your skin look oily, but has a small amount of shimmer that can be caught in the light which I really like!

LipLiner // Lip Cheat / / Kiss n Tell 
This lip liner is the perfect shade which contributes to the inspired Marylin Monroe look. It has more of a pink undertone which is amazing, ‘Kiss n Tell’ is easy to glide on and fairly lasts a long time and it doesn't drag onto your lips like some lip liners. When it comes to the bold red lip you need accuracy otherwise the lips will look uneven, this lip liner ensures your lipstick from bleeding to your skin so you can have a clean, bold red lip.

Lipstick // K.I.S.S.I.N.G // So Marilyn 

This is highly pigmented and a gorgeous colour to finish off the bold look. It's extremely creamy and glides on your lips as well as moisturising them slightly. The only downside is that it transfers to everything, whether its food, clothes or mugs. I’ve read so many reviews on this lipstick which say it doesn't smudge and lasts the whole day, but on my lips I have to constantly check up on it which is a shame as it's such a beautiful shade.

Last is this lip gloss which is probably the best lip gloss I've tried as it isn't sticky or gloopy! It gives the right amount of gloss and richness so it is perfect to apply on top of any lipstick or even alone just to add that polished touch. It has amazing pigmentation yet is not too much nor too sheer. I truly do love this lip gloss as it has everything you need to finish off your whole look.

I do want to conclude with the fact that I haven't posted in over a week, 9 days or so to be exact which is mind blowing seeing as I promised weekly posts! I don't want to make any excuses but my mind has been hazy and unsure to post about, so I would defiantly love it for you to comment below some post suggestions as it would benefit me in many ways. 
Ambra xo 

Monthly Loves | May Favourites

10 Jun 2015

June! This year has gone so fast, in about 2 months I will be in year 11, but officially in September! I've never done a favourites post on my blog but I have been trying to do more posts that I haven't tried on my blog yet. If you have any requests for blog posts then I'd appreciate it as I’m trying to attempt different things on my blog, I would really appreciate it if you could comment some requests.

Beauty // 
I don’t have much beauty favourites this month as I don’t bother with much makeup especially as the summer is approaching! My first beauty favourite is one which I brought recently, the L'Oreal Paris Lash Flutter Mascara in black, its makes your lashes look fuller and thicker without the clump. I never fill in my eyebrows so I just like to tame then in place with my Mac Brow Clear Set Gel, it is a perfect formula as it isn’t sticky nor too gloopy. I have been loving the Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Corrupt, it is the perfect brown pencil eyeliner with a hint shimmer. I love to use it on more natural days when I want a softer look than black eyeliner as it is also creamy and soft. It is only £15.50 but it also super long lasting so it's well worth the money in my opinion. Finally I have the Burberry Kisses Lipstick which I got a free sample by filling out a form on twitter however that promotion did expire unfortunately, it is in the shade ‘05 nude pink' it's so creamy, moisturising and just such a lovely natural shade to throw on. I’m considering buying the full size as it's such a good lip product. In the image below, it looks more dark however its such a 'my lips but better' shade! 

SkinCare //
Dry skin has recently been a problem for my skin which is weird as it is nearly summer, so to fix the dry areas I like to apply Bio Oil on my face every night. Once that's done I like to pat my face after with some tissue as the Bio Oil can be uncomfortable as you're basically putting a thick oil on your face. Along with this, I like to use my Carmax Chapstick in Vanilla which is amazing! I have also been loving the Mask Of Magnaminty which I featured in my Kings Road Haul but I did promise a full review which will be up the following month. I tend to use this about once a week and its been preventing future spots but also has been removing some small spots that I have around my face. 

Music // 
I have been loving spotify recently, my favourite current playlist has been ' This Is House ' by This is, I really love there playlists. They include more deep house music which I enjoy, they include artists like Tove Lo and disclosure, they have a ton of other playlists which I enjoy. 

Tv Shows // 
Instead of netflix, I have been using a website called which I have been using for about a year, you pay around £3.00 a month. It is similar to netflix but in my opinion has wayyy more shows. If you do not have an account you can watch about 3 episodes a day which is free. I have recently been loving the shows iZombie and Daredevil both are quite different from eachother but also similar in a way. iZombie is about a human who pretty much got turned to a zombie on a disaster boat party, and now essentially eats corpses brains as she now works in a morgue and enters thier memories via the brain to solve their murders. Daredevil is about a blind guy who has superhuman senses or like 6th sense like super cool hearing and is pretty much a superhero. As you can probably tell I am terrible at describing stuff but you should totally check them out as they're very interesting and not your average TV show. 

Ambra xo 

Morning Routine

5 Jun 2015

 I do want to mention that I am no longer on my half term as I started school less than a week ago, so most of the time I am at school. If you want me to do a ‘busy school day’ routine. I would be more than happy to do it, as I have enjoyed writing this post. Sorry for this semi-long introduction but here is my morning routine

9am to 11am
I wake up not using a alarm as I am on my half term break and I fix my bed everyday and I literally cannot do anything if my bed or room is not fixed. I then help clean the house which can usually take 40 minutes as my family have a habit of cleaning everyday. 

I then get hungry and obviously have breakfast, I have to have breakfast otherwise I will be in the worst mood throughout the day as I get extra hungry. Toady I had some strawberry Granola with vanilla yogurt and a glass of orange juice. This keeps me full thoughout the day, however who doesn’t love to get the occasional snacks here and there.
 I then like to be organised so I like to plan my day out. Where I schedule my blog photos but also my revision chapters. As this is pre-written, I just finished my geography exam ( 3rd June ) but I now I’m revising for chemistry and physics for my exam this following week. 
Whiles I’m eating my breakfast I like to check up on my social media like Instagram and Snapchat and reply to some messages and friends. Or occasionally watch youtube videos or finish up writing a blog post. 
Hygiene Part 1 // SkinCare
I then obviously brush my teeth as it would be a bit weird and disgusting not to. As today was a lazy day full of revision, I just cleansed my face with the La Roche-Posay cleansing foam. Since I recently have had dry skin which is weird as it is summer, I moisturise my face with Bio Oil, but that tends to be uncomfortable on my skin so I pat down the oil with a tissue. 
Hygiene Part 2 // Shower Time

I wash my hair using the Aussie collection shampoo and conditioner  For shampoo I use the Aussie Volume Shampoo which provides volume to my limp hair. That dries up by hair a bit, so I love to condition my hair using the Miracle Shine Conditioner which keeps my hair shiny, soft and smelling nice. For body I am absolutely in love with using the Niva shower cream, it smells amazing but also leaves my body smooth.  I don’t usually shower in the morning but I use the same products for night showers as well.
Revision Session
I then revise which I pretty much mention in every post, I tend to prefer 10 minute breaks or so, then a long break for about 40 minutes at the end watching a Netflix show. I’ve recently been loving watching IZombie and Daredevil, if you want comment below some of your favourite TV shows I will check them out as I need some new shows to watch over the summer holidays.
Morning to Evening routine
This lasts for still about 7pm which is technically not a morning routine but like a morning to evening routine. This is the first 'routine' I have done and I enjoyed writing and taking pictures for this post. I might do a night routine soon, but might switch up the layout as it’s quite difficult to show you routine in writing than videos. I have mentioned this before that I won’t be posting regularly but I do want to say I will post once a week until my exams finish, I hope you understand :) Which is every Friday or so

What is your lazy day skincare routine? 
Ambra xo