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6 Apr 2015

Hi girlies xx On my previous post, I asked you guys to ask me questions for my Q and A. And I never thought I would actually any questions, yet I got over 10 questions!! So I just want to say thankyou xx And without further ado here is my first ever Q and A. Which might I add, I was over the moon writing this post xx
 Why did you want to start blogging? 
I started blogging because I love watching youtubers, so I found that Blogging was like a toned down version of making videos. Blogging is a way of interacting with people who love the same stuff as me like fashion and beauty but in blog form and not in videos? If that made any sense x  

Would you rather have legs the size of fingers or fingers the size of legs?
Ah when I read this I somehow read ' Would you rather have toes the size of fingers or fingers the size of toes' and I was like defiantly having toes the size of fingers since fingers size of toes would be uncomfortable. But I think I would have legs the size of fingers, even though I would look very weird. Otherwise my fingers would look Freakishly long and even weirder x 

↣ What is your favourite beauty product?
My favourite beauty product would be my Mac Concealer, since its soo moisureing yet covers up my dark circles. Or any concealer in general. Its also like a alternative to foundation but less cakey and more lightweight x

↣  Do you have any pets? 

I do not have any pets and never have. I think its due to my mum being a clean freak and pretty much hating any type of animal and how they 'shed' alot of hair? But I would love to have a pug, they are super cute!! Like how can you ignore them puppy eyes, so so so cute x 

↣ If you were stuck on an Island with 3 items what would you bring? 
I would try to be smart with my decision, instead of bringing like my phone, laptop and a fridge with food. I would * try * to bring someone really smart and who knows there way around the island and just overall smart to get me the hell out of the place. I would then get a filter or just unlimited water, so I could obviously filter the dirty water. I wouldn't bring food since I would rely on island food and yummy fruits. The last item would be hard, because I could either get a medical kit or a boat to literally get me out of the island. But I'll think I will choose the medical kit because my super smart person would hopefully know how to build a boat and some special knifes and stuff in case some bear would attack me. * Well fingers cross *  Phew sorry that was a long answer and clearly not beauty related, but a girl has to do what she needs to get out of an island xx 

↣  What's the best piece of advice anyone's ever given you?
To always give back. It may be simple to others, but to me this advice goes a long way in which I don't feel ready to share to people. Im really sorry that you most likely didn't get the answer you wanted x 

↣  What advice would you give to young girls growing up today?
As a young teen my self, the best advice I would give another young girl is stop worrying about your appearance. Stop comparing yourself  to other people weather its a Victoria Secret Model or someone in general. Many people when they answer this question they always tell people to stop comparing them selves to Victoria Secret Model because of how 'skinny' and 'tall' they are. But there is also 'slim' ,'overweight' or ' average ' people that don't compare them selves to models or anyone. They compare themselves to themselves, when they would look in the mirror they don't see their ideal self, they see a slimmer or bigger version of themselves. I really don't know where my answers going. But I just feel like young girls are pressured to being ' perfect ' weather its perfect hair, long legs, tanned and a toned body. People always assume that its because of Victoria Secret models, when in reality its other people they see everyday or 'themselves' that pressure and bully them to change, and become what society thinks ' normal ' is. And weather your average, slim or big you should not care what society or other people say, you should never listen to that evil voice inside your head telling you to change and calling you names. Because in the future weather you like it or not but someone is going to LOVE you for your imperfections. And trust me everybody has imperfections. This whole paragraph most likely didn't make sense :/ 

↣ What job do you want to do in the future?
I don't really know where I see my self in the future, but I hope to do something in fashion. But I don't see my self in the magazine sector, or the modelling sector. Well clearly 5ft5 girl over here. But I don't know really, I would love to do like the productions around catwalks or But then I also see my self in accounting, which I'm not sure why since I am not the best at maths x 

 What are your favourite sweets? 

Hmmmm I love sweets soo much, I prefer them over chocolate any day. I think my all time favourite would be any sour sweets so most likely Strawberry laces but with sugar or the sour stuff they put on. Or sour patch kids. Yum

↣ What are your Aims for your blog in the next year? 

 I would be over the moon if I got invited to a blogging event, I know that most likely wont happen but it would be like a dream come true. A more realistic aim would be to reach 50 followers through bloglovin and fix up my blog so its more appealing to people x

↣ What is your favourite TV show? 

The most dreaded question, I am in love with TV shows and cannot pick just one. So I will just literally write out my favourite TV showS. I LOVE TeenWolf, Flash, The Vampire Diaries, Faking it, Awkward, The Originals, The Carrie Diaries. I have soo many more but I think I might do a blog post on my favourite shows x 

What would be your favourite beauty product?  ↢ 
Ambra xx


  1. I really liked reading all of your Answers Ambra, some of them are really interesting. I'd say my favourite beauty product is my Avon Ideal flawless foundation, it is by far the best foundation I have ever used I also love my mabelline sensational lashes mascara. It is too hard to pick just one. Xx

    1. hahah I havnt tried the avon foundation but I love trying out mayellines mascara since there sooo good so I actually might buy the sensational lashes xx


  2. Thanks for answering my questions sweet! They were both great answers, and I'm totally with you on the Strawberry Laces... hell yea. x
    Ally |

    1. They are just sooo addicitive, there sour yet sweet!! Im getting hungry just typing about them :) And no thankyou for asking me the questions xxx

      Ambra xx

  3. Lovely post!! I think you answered these questions soo good x Cant wait for you to do another Q and A x ( If you are )

    Dalal xo

    1. Thankyou Dalal xx I really enjoyed writing this post, I think I might do a Q and A every so months x

      Ambra xx |

  4. Thanks for answering my questions! You should convince your mum to get you a Chorkie, I have one and she's ADORABLE! She has long fur that doesn't shed and she's so sweet that she has a job of helping autistic people who are scared of dogs to overcome their fear! I love your 3 items on an Island answer!! xx

    1. Hahah thankyou, I'll try but I still think she will say no ahah. I also think its because she had a traumatic experience with a dog when she was younger lool. But she just literally hates animals :( x

      Ambra xo


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