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DIY Lip Scrub | Super Soft Lips

18 Mar 2015

We often forgot to look after our lips, now I'm not just talking about using a lip balm, I'm talking about exfoliating. Our lips still need TLC. I do admit I should do this a lot more often, but lets admit it, us girls are lazy. Now the lip scrub/exfoliator helps scrub all the dead skin - ewww- and makes your lips Super Soft and Kissable!! I would like to say if you have any concerns like food allergies, always contact your doctor before hand just in case. Or you could also switch up these ingredients and maybe add some flavouring or tints. But enough rambling lets achieve 'Super Soft' lips 


- Table spoon of sugar {Removes all the dead skin}
- Table spoon of Extra Virgin Olive oil { Helps keep lips moisturised} 
- 2 drops of honey { Keeps your lips moisturised for longer} 
- Small container { Obviously to store the product} 


- Mix all the ingredients together in no particular order on a small plate or directly in your container.
- Transfer the lip scrub into your small container and get ready to apply.

- Remove any lipstick or lip gloss that you might have on.  - Gently apply the lip scrub back and forth through out your lips, you should feel you lips feeling silky smooth.
- Using a damp cloth with warm water or luke warm water - Or you can be like me and literally just use your fingers - and remove the lip scrub.
- Apply a lip balm or Vaseline to keep your lips moisturised. 
Quick Disclaimer the picture above is NOT mine, however I will soon post my own images.  Nevertheless I am a tad lazy to take photos at 10pm at night :)

Ambra xx 


  1. I really need to try this, the Lush lip scrub is like £5.50 for something so simple to make. I think I might recreate this soon and I'll tell you the outcome
    Dalal xx,

    1. Yh £5.50 is not a lot, but you can always make this using household stuff that you already own. And you can save that £5.50 and end up buying makeup
      Ambra xx

  2. I will definitely be recreating this when my lush one runs out! x lovely post x

    1. Awhh thankyou and when you do make sure to pop up and tell me how it turned out. If you want to recreate the lipscrub like the lush ones, maybe add some flavouring and like a pink tint. When you lick your lips it will taste nice xx
      Ambra xx fridaysarefab.blogspot


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