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Barry M: Vintage Purple Nail Varnish

16 Mar 2015

Recently I've had my eyes on the Nails Inc ' Hyde Park Place' nail varnish, which is a soft greyish taupey colour and despite the fact that it is only £14. I just don't want to buy it, like I literally have no reason... I think its because I'm a tad lazy to buy it. But I do admit, I have never brought a Barry M nail polish *Once again I have no reason*. But I will defo be stoking up on some Barry M nail polishes. So I decided to go down to SuperDrugs and buy the purplish taupey coloured nail polish for only £2.99! 

As for the brush, it is quite thin and I was not used to that. Because of that it a couple of cotton pads, some nail polish remover and about 3 tries I finally got my nails to look semi-decent.

The colour it self is so beautiful. However it is a slight more purplish than I expected since I would of preferred it to have a bit more grey in it, apart from that it, the colour is amazing. It took about 2 coats to get the perfect opaque shade but 1 coat is also enough. 

As for the formula, the formula is slight runny however I would preferred it to be runny than to be very sticky.

I feel like I've talked about all the cons to the nail polish but I do truly love it. As for the price, like there is no need to talk about that since it was ONLY £2.99 like whatttt ?!!?! Barry M also do a wide variety of nail polishes ranging from about £2.99 to about £4.99 ( I'm not that sure) which is such a bargain. Now this review only goes out to the Vintage Violet shade since I have not tried any other, but i truly love the pigmentation  and the price! So if any one is looking for any cheap quality nail polish I truly recommend Barry M. 

What brand of nail polish do you like? 
Ambra xx 


  1. Your blog design looks really nice and professional, I love it ;) The nail polish colour looks really nice but I think it would also look better with more grey undertones.
    Dalal x,

    1. Awh thank you Dalal, and I do agree the nail polish should have a more grey undertone. However I really like the unique colour to it
      Ambra x

  2. Wow that is such a beautiful shade! I absolutely love Barry M nail polishes, especially the Gelly range. They are so pigmented, have such an amazing colour selection and the finish of them is just beautiful! xx
    Emily Faye xx

  3. Ooo I have not tried the Gelly range, but I definally will soon. Since as you've said, the pigmentation is apprantly amazing.

    Ambra xx


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