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Venice Day Trip #SecretBP2015

30 Mar 2015

A few weeks ago my sister went to Venice for a day with her university, and as I am part of a secret blogger project, I thought it would be great to show you my sisters journey and I didn't do much on the weekend therefore I thought her pictures in Venice were quite good. My sister found Venice amazing, but as I have never been I would not know. But enough typing here are the semi good pictures of Venice. I just want to point out that Venice is in Italy if you did not know and my sister would highly recommend it 

My Carry On Essentials

26 Mar 2015

As were close approaching summer, I thought it would be cool to show you my carry on essentials, aside the obvious like spare clothes and your phone ?! This is my carry on essentials since wearing makeup in the airplane is bad for your skin since it dehydrates your skin, I didn't want to include makeup. But if you do want to wear makeup on the plane I will be doing a post on that, so make sure to look out for that. 

I first have Makeup Wipes, this is if you've worn makeup to the airport but want to take it off on the plane, also makeup wipes can be used as antibacterial wipes * Or at least I do * or even for food spills. 

Blog/Vlog?| Covent Garden

19 Mar 2015

I finally went out, this month has been a hectic month with exams and revision. Nevertheless me and my sister decided to make a quick journey * Which turned out 2 hours* to Covent Garden. Soo I decided I might as well post some of the pictures before my camera died. If anyone goes to Convent Garden I am telling you go to The Diner or Shake Shack, they are the BEST food places EVER! My outfit consists of Zara black jeans, my dark grey flannel from Zara, and my black top from Zara * How ironic* Then I wore my Fred Perry oversized and way overworn jacket in navy blue since it was very very cold. My shoes are from Nike and I wore cute little pink ankle socks which totally didn't go with my outfit. But who cares lol. 
There was a very veryy cute st and I defo had to take a picture of it 
BEST burger place every: Shake Shack 

 Please do excuse the second day straighten hair, I'm getting my hair trimmed and I might do a 'blog/vlog' of it like this post. But yeah, if you do have the time and see your self in London, I would defiantly advice you to visit Covent Garden its the equivalent to Oxford st but less busier and more cuter. 

Whats your favourite place to take pictures? 
Ambra xx 

DIY Lip Scrub | Super Soft Lips

18 Mar 2015

We often forgot to look after our lips, now I'm not just talking about using a lip balm, I'm talking about exfoliating. Our lips still need TLC. I do admit I should do this a lot more often, but lets admit it, us girls are lazy. Now the lip scrub/exfoliator helps scrub all the dead skin - ewww- and makes your lips Super Soft and Kissable!! I would like to say if you have any concerns like food allergies, always contact your doctor before hand just in case. Or you could also switch up these ingredients and maybe add some flavouring or tints. But enough rambling lets achieve 'Super Soft' lips 


- Table spoon of sugar {Removes all the dead skin}
- Table spoon of Extra Virgin Olive oil { Helps keep lips moisturised} 
- 2 drops of honey { Keeps your lips moisturised for longer} 
- Small container { Obviously to store the product} 


- Mix all the ingredients together in no particular order on a small plate or directly in your container.
- Transfer the lip scrub into your small container and get ready to apply.

- Remove any lipstick or lip gloss that you might have on.  - Gently apply the lip scrub back and forth through out your lips, you should feel you lips feeling silky smooth.
- Using a damp cloth with warm water or luke warm water - Or you can be like me and literally just use your fingers - and remove the lip scrub.
- Apply a lip balm or Vaseline to keep your lips moisturised. 
Quick Disclaimer the picture above is NOT mine, however I will soon post my own images.  Nevertheless I am a tad lazy to take photos at 10pm at night :)

Ambra xx 

Barry M: Vintage Purple Nail Varnish

16 Mar 2015

Recently I've had my eyes on the Nails Inc ' Hyde Park Place' nail varnish, which is a soft greyish taupey colour and despite the fact that it is only £14. I just don't want to buy it, like I literally have no reason... I think its because I'm a tad lazy to buy it. But I do admit, I have never brought a Barry M nail polish *Once again I have no reason*. But I will defo be stoking up on some Barry M nail polishes. So I decided to go down to SuperDrugs and buy the purplish taupey coloured nail polish for only £2.99! 

As for the brush, it is quite thin and I was not used to that. Because of that it a couple of cotton pads, some nail polish remover and about 3 tries I finally got my nails to look semi-decent.

The colour it self is so beautiful. However it is a slight more purplish than I expected since I would of preferred it to have a bit more grey in it, apart from that it, the colour is amazing. It took about 2 coats to get the perfect opaque shade but 1 coat is also enough. 

As for the formula, the formula is slight runny however I would preferred it to be runny than to be very sticky.

I feel like I've talked about all the cons to the nail polish but I do truly love it. As for the price, like there is no need to talk about that since it was ONLY £2.99 like whatttt ?!!?! Barry M also do a wide variety of nail polishes ranging from about £2.99 to about £4.99 ( I'm not that sure) which is such a bargain. Now this review only goes out to the Vintage Violet shade since I have not tried any other, but i truly love the pigmentation  and the price! So if any one is looking for any cheap quality nail polish I truly recommend Barry M. 

What brand of nail polish do you like? 
Ambra xx 

How to: Wash Makeup Brushes

13 Mar 2015

Now I have a huge tendancy of not washing my brushes for many many months and I decided since I have finished all my mocks * whoopieeee *, I would clean/refresh my room, which would include cleaning some my makeup brushes. I would of taken some process pictures of literally the 'makeup' coming out of the brushes, however it would have been disgusting because there was a LOT of foundation liquid, power 'liquid' and that was not a pretty site. Sooo I thought I would tell you guys 2 way that I use to remove makeup from makeup brushes. 

1. I first use the Johnsons baby shampoo and apply about 5 pea sized drops on to my clean hands ( Palm out) then I swipe the makeup brush back and fourth on the shampoo, occasionly swirling it around. You will soon see a WHOLE lot of makeup coming out, when you reach a point when makeup is still coming out. Place you makeup brush ( downwards, so the brissels are faced down) and run the brush under luke warm water. Always making sure no water goes into the metal casing of the brush, because that will loosen the glue connected the brissels together and break the whole brush. Finally repeat this step with shampoo and then luke warm water untill there is no more makeup coming out the brush. 

2. The second method involves olive oil and washing up liquid. I first place olive oil on a plate, and then put the washing up liquid on 'top' of the oil. I basically then repeat the steps like I did with the baby shampoo but instead of using my hand, I use the plate. So swirl the brush back and fourth through the mixture and then wash under luke warm water. Then I also repeat the steps a couple of times to ensure there is no more dirt or makeup on the brushes. As I mentioned before NEVER EVER get water in the metal casing because that will loosen the brissels and they will fall. 

After I have finshed with the washing of the brushes, I get some clothes pecks and use my curtain * How classy* and clip my makeup brushes faced down onto the curtain to let them dry overnight. By placing them upside down, it ensures that all of the excess water can drip off than to go up to the metal casing and break the brissels. 

What are your favourite brushes to use?
Ambra xx 

Gym Outfits

7 Mar 2015

What to wear to the gym 

To those gym fanatics or just girls who go to the gym once a month * I have no shame * I have thought about some outfits that go from cute to the ' I can't actually be bothered to workout, I'm only here for the free wifi' * Once again no shame * So the numerous of outfits show some joggers and a plain tee-shirt/ hoodie, so pretty much a causal gym look. However the second 'main' outfits involve sports bras and 'tight' shorts, which is not really my kind of outfits however if you like that then girl work it.  Also I would defiantly x1000 bring deodorant * I mean really who wants to smell gross ? *, a 'refresh makeup bag', which would involve waterproof mascara ect( if you were to wear makeup to the gym), headphones and perfume just so you smell human at the end of gym 'session' * more like wifi session * but enough typing lalala here  are the outfits. 

Lazy outfit

Cooler outfit

Do you go to the gym?
Ambra x