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Every Day Morning Routine 2015

24 Feb 2015

Every Day / School  Makeup Routine

Recently I * Well my sister * have been trying to purchase high end makeup products however that doesn't work out since I can not save money for my life. So I stick to my drug store makeup whiles my sister has high end makeup * Cries every time I see them * But yup this is a 'Every Day' makeup routine however bear in mind if I'm ill or like going no where special* School is totally not special but I do wear this makeup to school * I do not wear any makeup. Soo without further a do here it is. 
Mac studio Cream moisturiser
 I pretty much use any moisturiser I can find, this is from Mac and it is a travel sized creamy moisturiser. This is very creamy and moisturising which helps keeps my under eyes and face hydrated through out the day. 

Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara 
For mascara I use the Ester Lauder bold volume lifting Mascara, I absolutely love this because it gives me full looking defined lashes with no clumps. I only use one coat since it can create clumps are like 3 - 2 coats. 

Maybelline Cover stick shade 02 * Vanilla *

I then use my Revlon photo ready concealer which has a slight salmon coloured undertone which helps with some redness under the eyes. I am very pale, all my makeup is mainly the lightest or second lightest shades * #vampire *

Mac Moisture Cover Concealer * Shade NC15 * 

 And finally I finish off with my Mac concealer to conceal my under eye circles. Since I don't wear any foundation I focus on my eye area however I don't put any eyeshadow ect since I'm too lazy for that * Oh well * 

My Mini Makeup Bag from Mango

I don't put any other type of makeup like foundation, browner, power, eyeshadow ect since 1: I am extremely lazy and waking up at 7:30am and wasting 40 minutes to do makeup is a no no. And 2 : my school is strict with no makeup so I try to make it seem as if I am not wearing any makeup and wearing a caked face with makeup is not very clever in a strict school. 

         Whats your everyday makeup routine? 
Ambra xx 

How To Make Pancakes

23 Feb 2015

How To : Pancakes 

In celebration of Pancake Day * 6 days late, but better late then never right?* , I tried to make pancakes by my self. Being the clumsy girl I am, the pancakes burnt and set of my home alarm. And being the nice girl I am, I asked my mum to chip in and help me * yes she pretty much made then :D* 

200g Self raising flour
250ml Milk
1 Egg
1 tbsp Sugar
1 tsp Baking powder
A pinch of salt

A tsp of Melted butter

1. Mix all the dry ingredients first - Self raising flour, Sugar, Baking powder 
and salt. 
2. Then add all your wet ingredients - Milk, Egg and Butter 
3. Then use your mixer ( If that's what there called) and mix for 5 until the lumps in the mixture is gone and it has a liquid consistency 
4. Place your oven (gas) and pan on the lowest heat for best results and place some butter on the hot pan. To make sure the mixture doesn't stick onto the pan.
5. Measure out a cup of mixture each time you put it on the oven ( if that made any sense ) But remember to put butter on the pan each time you make a new pancake 
6. Cook your pancake for about 2-3 minutes at each ‘flip'
7. Top it off with blueberry's, honey, sugar, nutella* MY FAV* and voila.

Also being the non-measuring type family, we just pretty much guessed the measurements *whoops*, but in fact they turned out super, well better than the ones I done my self. 

So that's how they turned out and i was so surprised that they turned out so Delicious 

Do you like Pancakes? 
Ambra xx